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Publisher: She Writes Press

She Writes Press

“She Writes Press is an independent publishing company founded to serve members of She Writes, the largest global community of women writers online, and women writers everywhere. We are a curated press that’s both mission-driven and community-oriented, aiming to serve writers who wish to maintain greater ownership and control of their projects while still getting the highest quality editorial help possible for their work.”

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On a Quiet Street - A Dr Pepper Hunt Mystery

J.L. Doucette

A Dream to Die For - A Novel

Susan Z. Ritz

Song of Isabel - A Novel

Ida Curtis

The Sleeping Lady - A Mystery

Bonnie C. Monte

Saturday's Child - A Daughter's Memoir

Deborah Burns

Gillyflower - A Novel

Diane Wald

The Afterlife of Kenzaburo Tsuruda - A Novel

Elisabeth Wilkins Lombardo

Queen of the Owls - A Novel

Barbara Linn Probst

All the Light There Was - A Novel

Nancy Kricorian

When It's Over - A Novel

Barbara Ridley

Adult Conversation - A Novel

Brandy Ferner

 A Marriage in Four Seasons - A Novel

Kathryn Abdul-baki

The Parrot's Perch - A Memoir

Karen Keilt

Swearing Off Stars - A Novel

Danielle Wong

I Like You Like This - A Novel

Heather Cumiskey

The River by Starlight - A Novel

Ellen Notbohm

The Greek Persuasion - A Novel

Kimberly K. Robeson

Beginning with Cannonballs - A Novel

Jill McCroskey Coupe

A Girl Like You

Michelle Cox

Just In Time - A Novel

Joan Lindstedt Jackson

Rachael's Return - A Novel

Janet Rebhan

Do You Have Kids? - Life When the Answer Is No

Kate Kaufmann

Being Mean - A Memoir of Sexual Abuse and Survival

Patricia Eagle

Copy Boy - A Novel

Shelley Blanton-Stroud

Dumped - Stories of Women Unfriending Women

Nina Gaby

Raising Myself - A Memoir of Neglect Shame and Growing Up Too Soon

Beverly Engel

Return of the Evening Star - Book 2 in Silver Mountain Series

Diane Rios

A Better Next - A Novel

Maren Cooper

Beyond the Ghetto Gates - A Novel

Michelle Cameron

Trinity Stones

LG O'Connor