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Publisher: Sarabande Books

Sarabande Books

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Kingdom of the Young - Stories

Edie Meidav

Bright Scythe

Tomas Tranströmer

Hurry Please I Want to Know

Paul Griner

Three Kinds of Motion - Kerouac Pollock and the Making of American Highways

Riley Hanick


Kerry Howley

The Blue Box - Three Lives in Letters

Sallie Bingham

Elegy on Kinderklavier

Arna Bontemps Hemenway

Limber - Essays

Angela Pelster

Fire Year

Jason K. Friedman

Easy Math

Lauren Shapiro

If a Stranger Approaches You

Laura Kasischke

Let Me Clear My Throat - Essays

Elena Passarello

Bloody Mary - A Novel

Sharon Solwitz


L. Annette Binder

Rough Likeness - Essays

Lia Purpura

If You Knew Then What I Know Now

Ryan Van Meter

Once the Shore - Stories

Paul Yoon

Red Car - Stories

Sallie Bingham

On Looking - Essays

Lia Purpura

More Like Not Running Away - A Novel

Paul Shepherd

How to Fall - Stories

Edith Pearlman

World Famous Love Acts - Stories

Brian Leung

Where the Long Grass Bends - Stories

Neela Vaswani

Passing the Word - Writers on Their Mentors

Lee Martin, Jeffrey Skinner

Georgia Under Water - Stories

Heather Sellers