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“Princeton University Press is an independent publisher with close connections, both formal and informal, to Princeton University. As such it has overlapping responsibilities to the University, the academic community, and the reading public. Our fundamental mission is to disseminate scholarship (through print and digital media) both within academia and to society at large. We select for publication only scholarship of the highest quality on all levels regardless of commercial viability:...

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The Nature of Space and Time

Stephen Hawking, Roger Penrose

Not Even Past - Barack Obama and the Burden of Race

Thomas J. Sugrue

Theories of International Politics and Zombies

Daniel Drezner

How Behavior Spreads - The Science of Complex Contagions

Damon Centola

A Deadly Indifference - A Henry Spearman Mystery

Marshall Jevons

In Praise of Simple Physics - The Science and Mathematics behind Everyday Questions

Paul J. Nahin

Life on Mars - What to Know Before We Go

David A. Weintraub

Idleness - A Philosophical Essay

Brian O'Connor

Ethics in the Real World - 82 Brief Essays on Things That Matter

Peter Singer

Identity Economics - How Our Identities Shape Our Work Wages and Well-Being

George A. Akerlof, Rachel E. Kranton

The Story of America - Essays on Origins

Jill Lepore

The Lives of Animals

J. Coetzee

The Grand Strategy of the Habsburg Empire

A. Wess Mitchell

Secret Wars - Covert Conflict in International Politics

Austin Carson

Iran Rising - The Survival and Future of the Islamic Republic

Amin Saikal

Money Changes Everything - How Finance Made Civilization Possible

William N. Goetzmann

The Beginnings of Philosophy in Greece

Maria Michela Sassi

How Growth Really Happens - The Making of Economic Miracles through Production Governance and Skills

Michael Best

State of Repression - Iraq under Saddam Hussein

Lisa Blaydes

The Great Escape - Health Wealth and the Origins of Inequality

Angus Deaton

The Undiscovered Self - With Symbols and the Interpretation of Dreams

C. G. Jung

How to Solve It - A New Aspect of Mathematical Method

G. Polya

Philosophy of Physics - Quantum Theory

Tim Maudlin

The River Twice - Poems

Kathleen Graber

Primates and Philosophers - How Morality Evolved

Frans de Waal

Out of Eden - Adam and Eve and the Problem of Evil

Paul W. Kahn

Last Looks Last Books - Stevens Plath Lowell Bishop Merrill

Helen Vendler

Kissing Architecture

Sylvia Lavin

The Oil Curse - How Petroleum Wealth Shapes the Development of Nations

Michael L. Ross

The Founder's Dilemmas - Anticipating and Avoiding the Pitfalls That Can Sink a Startup

Noam Wasserman