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Publisher: Pen It Publications

Pen It Publications

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Orb and Arrow - Book 1: Exploration

V. L. Stuart

Orphans Preferred

Renee Vajko Srch

When Eagles Soared

Nick Lewis

Cutting of Harp Strings - A Novel

E. G. Kardos

Southbound to Angel Island

H. L. Dowless

Lone Wolf

Michael Newton

Birdees and the Bracelet of the Five Gods

Engy Donia

The Hum of Taos

Andrew Duvall

Willow's Flame

Stephanie Fields

Fallacies and Confessions

J. M. Gasilla Barrios

Deadly Deja Vu

Flo Fitzpatrick

Westward - Son of Legend

Harry Simpson

For Such a Time

Ellen Gillette

Jumping From a Derailed Brain

Conor Geary

Out of the Blue - A Young Man's Journey from the Palms of Vietnam to the Pine Forest of the West

Ken Palmrose

The Wrong Turn

Tracey Chizoba Fletcher

Grim's Door

Eric Schoch

Jeremy's Journey - From a Prison Cell to a Healed Heart

Sandra Lott

Cinderella Effect

Vaishnavi MacDonald

A Century of Wandering

Julia Peper

Miracle Moments - Helping the Rescued Become the Rescuers

Renee Vajko Srch


April Maguire

The Porch

Merrilee Franklin

How Did I Ever Survive the 70's - Strange but True Stories

Clayton Matthews

Rescue 1

Truman J. Beaver

Strawberry Concrete

Scott Morales

The Day Trip

Stephen W. Cheshire

The Jewel of the Kingdom

Roy Dimond, Lorraine Dimond

The Globe

Ron Stelle

More Danger Than It's Worth

Barbara Kurtz