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German Soldier vs Polish Soldier - Poland 1939

David R. Higgins

Soviet Armoured Cars 1936–45

Jamie Prenatt

The French 75 - The 75mm M1897 field gun that revolutionized modern artillery

Steven J. Zaloga

Malplaquet 1709 - Marlborough’s Bloodiest Battle

Simon MacDowall

King Philip's War 1675–76 - America's Deadliest Colonial Conflict

Gabriele Esposito

Malaya & Dutch East Indies 1941–42 - Japan's air power shocks the world

Mark Stille

Mutiny on the Spanish Main - HMS Hermione and the Royal Navy’s revenge

Angus Konstam

The Reckoning - The Defeat of Army Group South 1944

Prit Buttar

Vietnam War Booby Traps

Gordon L. Rottman

Weapons of the Civil War Cavalryman

John Walter

US Navy Ships vs Japanese Attack Aircraft - 1941–42

Mark Stille

Rome – City in Terror - The Nazi Occupation 1943–44

Victor Failmezger

US Navy Battleships 1895–1908 - The Great White Fleet and the beginning of US global naval power

Brian Lane Herder

US Air Cavalry Trooper vs North Vietnamese Soldier - Vietnam 1965–68

Chris McNab

Armies of the Italian-Turkish War - Conquest of Libya 1911–1912

Gabriele Esposito

A-4 Skyhawk vs North Vietnamese AAA - North Vietnam 1964–72

Peter E. Davies

I Will Run Wild - The Pacific War from Pearl Harbor to Midway

Thomas McKelvey Cleaver

Roman Shields

M.C. Bishop

Hitler's Eastern Legions 1942–45

Nigel Thomas

The Royal Netherlands Navy of World War II

Ryan K. Noppen

Soviet Soldier vs Finnish Soldier - The Continuation War 1941–44

David Campbell

In Cold War Skies - NATO and Soviet Air Power 1949–89

Michael Napier

We Killed Yamamoto - The long-range P-38 assassination of the man behind Pearl Harbor Bougainville 1943

Si Sheppard

Dettingen 1743 - Miracle on the Main

Michael McNally

The PIAT - Britain’s anti-tank weapon of World War II

Matthew Moss

World War II German Super-Heavy Siege Guns

Marc Romanych, Martin Rupp

Roman Soldier vs Parthian Warrior - Carrhae to Nisibis 53 BC–AD 217

Si Sheppard

The Normans in Italy 1016–1194

Raffaele D’Amato, Andrea Salimbeti

Velikiye Luki 1942–43 - The Doomed Fortress

Robert Forczyk

Vickers Wellington Units of Bomber Command

Michael Napier