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Publisher: Osprey Publishing

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Orc Warfare

Chris Pramas

The Battle of Britain

The Imperial War Museum, Kate Moore

The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow

Mark Latham

Union Cavalryman 1861–65

Philip Katcher

American Nightfighter Aces of World War 2

Warren Thompson, Andrew Thoms

Tiny Games for Work

Hide&Seek Hide&Seek

The US Cavalry

John Selby

The US Army of World War I

Mark Henry

War in Japan 1467–1615

Stephen Turnbull

US Cavalryman 1891–1920

Alexander Bielakowski

Nagashino 1575 - Slaughter at the barricades

Stephen Turnbull

Roman Legionary 109–58 BC - The Age of Marius Sulla and Pompey the Great

Ross Cowan

No Ordinary Pilot - One young man’s extraordinary exploits in World War II

Suzanne Campbell-Jones