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Publisher: Osprey Publishing

Osprey Publishing

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An imprint of: Bloomsbury UK

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Orc Warfare

Chris Pramas

The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow

Mark Latham

Union Cavalryman 1861–65

Philip Katcher

American Nightfighter Aces of World War 2

Warren Thompson, Andrew Thomas

Tiny Games for Work

Hide&Seek Hide&Seek

The US Cavalry

John Selby

The US Army of World War I

Mark Henry

War in Japan 1467–1615

Stephen Turnbull

US Cavalryman 1891–1920

Alexander Bielakowski

Nagashino 1575 - Slaughter at the barricades

Stephen Turnbull

Roman Legionary 109–58 BC - The Age of Marius Sulla and Pompey the Great

Ross Cowan

No Ordinary Pilot - One young man’s extraordinary exploits in World War II

Suzanne Campbell-Jones