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Publisher: Oak Tree Press

Oak Tree Press

Oak Tree Press develops and delivers information, advice and resources for entrepreneurs and managers.
Oak Tree Press publishes all its current titles (and much of its backlist) as ebooks, in ePub (Sony eReader) and Kindle (Amazon) formats. In addition, they have created a new imprint, NuBooks, specifically to publish short, focused ebooks for busy entrepreneurs and managers.

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Marketing Basics

Brian O'Kane

How to Sell - Sales Tales: True Stories of How Great Sales Happen

Conor Kenny

Quick Win Digital Marketing - Answers to your top 100 digital marketing questions

Annmarie Hanlon, Joanna Akins

Quick Win Marketing - Answers to Your top 100 Marketing Questions

Annmarie Hanlon

Negotiating Effectively

Kevin Davey

Sales Tales - True Stories of How Great Sales Happen

Conor Kenny

The Future: Slow Down or Go Faster?

Ron Immink

50 Great Lessons from Life

Tony Spollen

Starting Your Business

Brian O'Kane


Michael Shiel

Pre-Negotiation - A Strategy for Winning

Carol Tallon

Open Secrets - An Irish Perspective on Trafficking and Witchcraft

Jennifer DeWan, David Lohan

Dignifying Dementia - A Caregiver's Struggle

Elizabeth Tierney

Helping Ourselves - Success Stories in Cooperative Business & Social Enterprise

Robert Briscoe, Michael Ward

Social Enterprise in Ireland - A People's Economy?

Gerard Doyle, Tanya Lalor

How To Save 5000 - Reduce Your Outgoings without Reducing Your Lifestyle

James O'Donovan

Account Planning in Salesforce - Unlock Revenue from Big Customers to Turn Them into BIGGER Customers

Donal Daly

The Business Battlecard (fixed format iPad) - Winning Moves for Growing Companies

Paul O'Dea

Quick Win Social Media Marketing - Answers to your top 100 Social Media Marketing questions

Annmarie Hanlon

Quick Win Public Relations - Answers to your top 100 Public Relations questions

Kevin Hora

Are You an Entrepreneur?

Brian O'Kane

Researching Business Ideas

Brian O'Kane

Getting Things Done

Dermot Duff

Motivating Others

Georgina Corscadden

Facilitating Meetings and Chairing Discussions

Julia Rowan

Internal Communications

Tim Wray

Influencing Others

Jill Stamp

Doing Business Strategy

Robert Galavan

Becoming Lean - Practical Steps to Build Competitiveness

Richard Keegan

Valuing and Licensing Intellectual Property

John P Mc Manus