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Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

MuseItUp Publishing

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Summer's Lost - The Summer Solstice #2

Kristy Brown

Promises to Keep - A Clandestine Darkness Novel

Heather Dade

Welcome to the Revolution

Steven Mendel

Dangerous Desire - Duchess in Danger #3

Lesley Field

Three Wrongs - Donovan: Thief for Hire #1

Chuck Bowie

Saunders: Endings and Beginnings - Saunders Series #2

Lesley Field


Margaret Mendel

Ruthless - A Morning Star Institute Novel #3

Alissa T. Hunter

Upstaged by Betrayal

Virginia G. McMorrow

The Sleeping Giant

Tammy Lowe

The Destruction of Cain - The Cain Trilogy #3

J.P. Barry

Shadows of Aizai - The Soul Wanderers

Mary-Jean Harris

Spooky Twisties III - Spooky Twisties #3

Terri Bertha

Ruins Legacy - Ruins #3

Janie Franz

Dawn's First Light - The Nearer The Dawn Saga #4

J.P. Barry

Disoriented Me

Liam Stalls

When You Have To Go There

Kevin R. Doyle

Summer's End

Kristy Brown

Dead Silent - The Mortsafeman #2

Ivan Blake

The Body on the Underwater Road - Donovan: Thief for Hire #4

Chuck Bowie

Saunders: Lies and Deception - Saunders Series #1

Lesley Field

Romancing the Doctor

Carolyn Re

Last Winter's Taken - The Last Cold Case #3

MJ LaBeff

The Curse of Cain - The Cain Trilogy #2

J.P. Barry


Lizzie Hexter

Remembering Thomas

Anne Rothman-Hicks, Kenneth Hicks

The Wanting

Christina Strigas

Pride Must Be a Place

Kevin Craig

Men Love and Water

Angela Robbins

Ear Wax and Cadillacs: The Final Adventure of Mucus Phlegmball - The Adventures of Mucus Phlegmball

Kerry Crowley