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Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

Morgan James Publishing

“Morgan James Publishing provides entrepreneurs with the vital information, inspiration and guidance they need to be successful. A division of Morgan James, LLC, Morgan James Publishing is reported as being the future of publishing. Since its inception in 2003, Morgan James Publishing has grown from publishing six books per year to publishing over 150 front list titles each year. With a backlist of over 1,900 titles, Morgan James Publishing can support and advise entrepreneurial authors...

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Own Best Friend - Eight Steps to a Life of Purpose Passion and Ease

Kristina Hallett

Beyond Positive Thinking 30th Anniversary Edition - A No Nonsense Formula for Getting What You Want

Dr. Robert Anthony

Confessions of a Recovering Racist

George O’Hare, Emma Young

From Generation to Generation - Healing Intergenerational Trauma Through Storytelling

Emily Wanderer Cohen

The Money Man - A True Life Story of One Man's Unbridled Ambition Downfall and Redemption

Joseph Caplan

Unblinded - One Man’s Courageous Journey Through Darkness to Sight

Traci Medford-Rosow, Kevin Coughlin

Too Good To Go Too Bad To Stay - 5 Steps to Finding Freedom From a Toxic Relationship

Joanne King

Take Charge of Your Cancer - The Seven Proven Steps to Healing and Recovery from Cancer

Norman Plotkin

My Kid is Driving Me Crazy - A Mom’s Survival Guide for Living with a Child with Mental Illness

Tamara Arnold

Horizons Collide - A Novel

J.E. Rechtin

100 Ways to Motivate Kids - No and Low Cost

Julie Polanco

The Hammer of Hope

Katie Jo Hook

Born to Shine - Practical Tools to Help You SHINE Even in Life’s Darkest Moments

Ashley LeMieux

Stop the Pain - Your Hands-On Manual for Neck and Back Relief

Vienna Dunham Schmidt

Tiny Transit - Cut Carbon Emissions in Your City Before It’s Too Late

Susan Engelking

Awaken the Sexy Within - Transform your Body Fast with your Guaranteed Blueprint to Success

Robb Evans

Broken Stronger - 8 Non-Negotiable Steps to Break Free and Become the Boss of Your Own Life

Elena Rodriguez Zehr