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Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

Morgan James Publishing

“Morgan James Publishing provides entrepreneurs with the vital information, inspiration and guidance they need to be successful. A division of Morgan James, LLC, Morgan James Publishing is reported as being the future of publishing. Since its inception in 2003, Morgan James Publishing has grown from publishing six books per year to publishing over 150 front list titles each year. With a backlist of over 1,900 titles, Morgan James Publishing can support and advise entrepreneurial authors...

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Marketing de Guerrilla

Marketing de Guerrilla

Jay Conrad Levinson

The Way of the Warrior Mama - The Guide to Protecting and Raising Strong Daughters

Sally Clark

Living Kaizen - An Innovative Systematic Way to Transform Your Life!

Michael Lim

Spark - Take Your Business From Struggle to Significance

David A. Hilton

Stop Bullying Yourself! - Identify Your Inner Bully Get Out of Your Own Way and Enjoy Greater Health Wealth Happiness and Success

Anna Marie Frank

Without Love I am Nothing - Break the Chains of the Past to Live Your Best Future

Des Bowman

“Little” Thoughts for the Day - A Book of Encouraging Daily Thoughts for Administrators and Teachers to Share with Their Students

Joyce O’Bryant

The Art of Finding the Job You Love - An Unconventional Guide to Work with Meaning

Cara Heilmann

Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich - Create Winning Ads Web Pages Sales Letters and More

David Garfinkel

Climb Your Ladder of Success Without Running Out of Gas! - The Simple Truth on How to Revitalize Your Body and Ignite Your Energy for Lifelong Success

John M. Rowley

Attention Difference Disorder - How to Turn Your ADHD Child or Teen's Differences into Strengths in 7 Simple Steps

Kenny Handelman

Sell the Feeling - The 6-Step System That Drives People to Do Business with You

Larry Pinci

Get Skinny - The Six-Week Body Challenge

Scott Schmaltz

Energy Over Mind - How to Control Your Life Using the Mace Energy Method

John Mace

Building Lean Companies - How to Keep Companies Profitable as They Grow

Hans D. Baumann

Beyond Positive Thinking - A No-Nonsense Formula for Getting the Results You Want

Robert Anthony

Cry Until You Laugh - Real Love Real Pain Real Funny

Kim Sorrelle

Make 'Em Laugh & Take Their Money - A Few Thoughts On Using Humor As A Speaker or Writer or Sales Professional For Purposes of Persuasion

Dan S. Kennedy

The Evolution of Training and Coaching - How to Explode Your Company Fast

Scott Palat

Not at Your Child's Expense - A Guide to Constructive Parenting

Judith Fitzsimmons

Approved - How to Get Your Business Loan Funded Faster Cheaper & With Less Stress

Phil Winn

It's Not About You Mr Pumpkin - A Love Letter About the True Meaning of Halloween

Soraya Diase Coffelt

Prince Not So Charming - Cinderella’s Guide to Financial Independence

Kathleen Grace

The Story of You - Transforming Adversity into Adventure Taking Your Dreams to the Next Level and Beyond

Mark Minard

The Garden Interior - A Year of Inspired Beauty

David Jensen

Time Isn't the Problem - Four Strategies to Transform Stress Into Success

Chad E. Cooper

Filter Shift - How Effective People See the World

Sarah Taylor

The Mind Hack Recipe - 7 Proven Techniques to Hack Your Brain for Amazing Mind Powers

Jason Mangrum

Taking Your Place at the Table - The Art of Refusing to Be an Outsider

Joseph JB Bensmihen

No Time to Lose - How I Lost 185 Pounds and Saved My Life

Debbie Lazinsky