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Publisher: Morgan James Fiction

Morgan James Fiction

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Rooster’s Gold - A Novel

A. Alan Isaacs

Bridges and Bodies - A Ben Time Mystery

T. A. Huggins

El Paso Sunrise

Louis Bodnar

Eastbound from Flagstaff - A Novel

Annette Valentine

All In - A Novel

L.K. Simonds

Horizons Collide - A Novel

J.E. Rechtin

Six Houses Down

Kari Rimbey

Trapper's Grounding

Dawn Chevoya

Virus Bomb - A Novel

D. Greg Scott

The Sign - A Novel

Monokuro Yun

Return to the Wilds

Cindy C.

An Apology Gone Horribly Wrong - A Novel

William Hammes

The Companion - A Novella

Pad Brotherton

Mewranters: Attack of the Sea Monster - A Novel

Kachi Ugo

Remember Us

Lindsay Blake, Layne James

The Freedom Dance - A Novel

Eric Falkner

The Adventures of Mary Nobleman - A Novel

J.T. Joseph

Abby Virtually

Ronen Divon

The Silver Hood

Justin Richman

The Undiscovered Country - A Novel

Mike Nemeth

Orope -The White Snake

Guenevere Lee

Teen Ref - A Good “No Call”

Phil Struzziero

Legacy Letters - – A Novel – A Short Story of Transformation

Tony DiLeonardi

Song of the Tree Frogs

J.W. Kitson

Weddings By The Glass

Marc Rubenstein

The Big Free

Martha B. Boone

Walk Beside Me

Christine Handy

Lunch Money Can't Shoot

Michael Levine, Jack Pannell

The Faithful One

Michele Chynoweth

On the Clock

Tim Enochs, Bruce Tollner