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A Jar of Clay

Lane Carnes

“I Am Monster” - Life Without a Mirror

j. j. Bond

The Fernández Case

Richard Walter

Electoral College What?

Dana Fernandez

A Collection of Thoughts - A Brief Delve into the Poetic and Distraught Mind of a Distinctive High-Schooler

Isaac Kroll

Crossing the Divide - A Novel

Lynn Stansbury

War Before Wisdom

Barbara S. Andrews

My Sunday Kind of Love

Wynter Rose Thorne

Ahrahyah and the Crown of Fahrahshan

M.T. White

The Royal Sage

Kenneth Anthony Van Zellen

The Beautiful Mermaids Series - Yuya’s Adventure

Carmen Melendez-Gutierrez

The Essential Schizophrenia Companion: with Foreword by Elyn R Saks Phd Jd

Robert Francis

The Destiny and Signs of God - Spiritual Psychoanalysis

Ionel Rotaru

Almost Everything About Guitar Chords - A Fun Systematic Constructive Informative Approach to the Study of Chords

Ralph Louis Scicchitano

Distractions 3312 - Volume I

Ellen Salter Cleary

When Feelings Get Too Big

Marion Rhines

Vindico - I Am Liberation I Am Punishment and I Am Judgment

Alex McCann Johnson

An Oktoberfest Death - A Bethany R Judge Mystery

Thomas J. Miller

A Ray of Light - Reaches Down to Man

Jewel Sparks

Polynesia Begins

D. B. Clark

Night Spirits

Ruth Parker Riddle



The Twelve Murders of Christmas - A Toni Day Mystery

Jane Bennett Munro

Oh Cats of Camp Rabbitbone

Sara Swan Miller

At the Rabbitbone Restaurant

Sara Swan Miller

Old Scars New Wounds

Kelly Scharp

The Extreme Middle Party - Passionately Pragmatic Solutions For: Health Care Taxes Electoral Reform and More of America’s Problems

M. Scott Flood

The Key - Spiritual Translation for All God Inspired Scripture (Of All Times & Religions)

Unknown Author

Pivot to Find Your Joy

Joy Ohayia PhD

The Irony of the Well - The Aftermath and Dark Side of Recovery from Mental Illness

Owen Staples