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The Ghost of Donald J Trump

W. I. Westmoreland

Global Time Zone - A Novel

Widalys L DeSoto-Burt

An Act of God

Robert Y. Ellis

Evolving from the Cocoon - A Memoir of Learning from My Past

Deon L. Candia

All the Pretty Pieces

Dave Hart

Knowing God More - An Introspective 40 Day Guide

Dan Holloway

The Wheels of Friend - A Three Year Around the World Bicycle Journey

Eric Norland

Jazz and the Jazz Age - Searching for Meaning in a Word

Daniel Hardie

Spice up Your Soul - Relationship

Jenny Cailing Pugh

Words Words Words - Mostly Essays on the English Language and Literature

Glynn Baugher

Child Weeps in Silence

Louise Campbell

The Fishing Trip - Kassius Kanex Book 2

MK Schultz

Search for the Missing Hunter

Dave Hart

The Art of Perception - A Formidable Guide to Understanding Yourself and Others

Jarrod Wilson

Reap the Hot September Harvest - Book 1: Desiree

Harry W. Kendall

Floki’s Army - A Small Dog with a Big Tale

Jason Purcell

How a Golden Retriever Became Golden

Nico Chiaravalloti

Begging 4 Attention - Crack of Dawn

John Collins

The Interpreter’s Fourth - The Best Way to Understanding the Bible About Human Creation

Paul Tarsleh

The Toll of Folly

J. William Whitaker

The Secret Power of God’s Favour

Dr. Ephiel Mukamuri

Honoring Anna - Book Ii: the Winds of Time

Douglas Hoff

The Truth About Blood Pressure - The Misinterpretation

Fred A. Werkmeister E.E

David - The Lion of Israel

Polly McBee Hutchison

Life from the Ruins - An Accounting of My Childhood and Youth in Germany and Usa

Fritz Jaensch

Finding a Hero - More Tales of Sword and Sorcery: Book 2

John Ricks

The Revelation

Cornelia Calaidjoglu

Hurt but Not Broken

Lyenor Nkosi

Providence in the Fall of a Sparrow - A Journey of Poems

Robert Judge Woerheide

Mad Dog and the Coffee Crew

Dennis Perry