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Fan Phenomena: Harry Potter

Valerie Estelle Frankel

Fan Phenomena: The Hunger Games

Nicola Balkind

Fan Phenomena: Star Wars

Mika Elovaara

Temporary Stages II - Critically Oriented Drama Education

Jo Beth Gonzalez

Transnational Ecocinema - Film Culture in an Era of Ecological Transformation

Pietari Kääpä, Tommy Gustafsson

Fan Phenomena: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Marisa C. Hayes

Fan Phenomena: The Lord of the Rings

Lorna Piatti-Farnell

Fan Phenomena: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Jennifer K. Stuller

Stanley Kubrick at Look Magazine - Authorship and Genre in Photojournalism and Film

Philippe D. Mather

Fan Phenomena: Marilyn Monroe

Marcelline Block

The Designer - Half a Century of Change in Image Training and Technique

Rosemary Sassoon

Alternative Worlds in Hollywood Cinema - Resonance Between Realms

James Walters

Stephen King on the Big Screen

Mark Browning

Directors & Designers

Christine White

Press Freedom and Pluralism in Europe - Concepts and Conditions

Andrea Czepek, Melanie Hellwig

Stephen King on the Small Screen

Mark Browning

Moving the Eye through 2-D Design - A Visual Primer

Buy Shaver

The Exile of Britney Spears - A Tale of 21st Century Consumption

Christopher R. Smit

World Film Locations: Reykjavík

Jez Conolly, Caroline Whelan

Brit Wits - A History of British Rock Humor

Iain Ellis

Teaching Actors - Knowledge Transfer in Actor Training

Ross W. Prior

Becoming Designers - Education and Influence

Esther Dudley, Stuart Mealing

Pop Fiction - The Song in Cinema

Matthew Caley, Steve Lannin

NanoCulture - Implications of the New Technoscience

N. Katherine Hayles

Surface - land water and the visual arts symposium 2004

Simon Standing

Handwriting of the Twentieth Century

Rosemary Sassoon

Digital Magazine Design - with Case Studies

Daniel Carpenter

Frames of Mind - A Post-Jungian Look at Film Television and Technology

Luke Hockley

Italian TV Drama and Beyond - Stories from the Soil Stories from the Sea

Milly Buonanno

Crime Uncovered: Antihero

Fiona Peters, Rebecca Stewart