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Publisher: Independent Thinking Press

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Expert Teacher - Using pedagogical content knowledge to plan superb lessons

Darren Mead

Dynamically Different Classrooms - Create spaces that spark learning

Claire Gadsby

The Monkey-Proof Box - Curriculum design for building knowledge developing creative thinking and promoting independence

Jonathan Lear

Teacher in the Cupboard - Self-reflective solution-focused teaching and learning

Lisa Jane Ashes

The Unexpected Leader - Exploring the real nature of values authenticity and moral purpose in education

Iesha Small

The Working Class - Poverty education and alternative voices

Ian Gilbert

Uncharted Territories - Adventures In Learning

Hywel Roberts, Debra Kidd

Uncivilised Genes - Human evolution and the urban paradox

Gustav Milne

Messy Maths - A playful outdoor approach for early years

Juliet Robertson

The Compleat Thunks Book

Ian Gilbert

When the Adults Change Everything Changes - Seismic shifts in school behaviour

Paul Dix

The Lazy Teacher's Handbook - New Edition - How your students learn more when you teach less

Jim Smith

Reading for Pleasure - A passport to everywhere

Kenny Pieper

Gilbert Filbert and his big MAD box

Ian Gilbert

Don't Send Him in Tomorrow - Shining a light on the marginalised disenfranchised and forgotten children of today's schools

Jarlath O'Brien

Secondary Science - Respiration is not breathing!

Catrin Green

Trivium in Practice

Martin Robinson

Educational Research - Taking the Plunge

Phil Wood

There is Another Way - The Second Big Book of Independent Thinking

Ian Gilbert

The Perfect Lesson - Third Edition - Revised and updated

Jackie Beere

Guerrilla Teaching - Revolutionary tacti for teachers on the ground in real classrooms working with real children trying to make a real difference

Jonathan Lear

Of Teaching Learning and Sherbet Lemons - A Compendium of careful advice for teachers

Nina Jackson

Think Before You Teach - Questions to challenge why and how you want to teach

Martin Illingworth

Becoming Mobius - The complex matter of education

Dr Debra Kidd

52 New things - The least famous Nick Thorpe in the world and his journey to conquer the boredom of modern life

Nick Thorpe

Primary Maths - Anyone can feed sweets to the sharks

Nick Tiley-Nunn

You: Rebranded - Be Seen Be Heard Get Noticed

Richie Manu

The Perfect (Ofsted) Science Lesson

John Beasley

Literacy - Commas colons connectives and conjunctions

Phil Beadle

Don't Change The Light Bulbs - A Compendium of Expertise From the UK's Most Switched-On Educators

Rachel Jones