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Publisher: Icon Books

Icon Books

“Icon Books is an independent British publisher formed in 1992 which publishes popular, engaging and sometimes provocative non-fiction for adults. Icon were, for a number of years, best known for a series of illustrated, witty but intelligent guides to subjects such as Freud, Postmodernism and Einstein. Originally called … for Beginners, and now Introducing, the series is known throughout the world and is the cornerstone of Icon’s success. The company has, however, moved in the past decade...

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Ronaldo - The Obsession for Perfection

Luca Caioli

The Elements of Eloquence - How to Turn the Perfect English Phrase

Mark Forsyth

Queer: A Graphic History

Meg-John Barker

Shakespeare on Toast - Getting a Taste for the Bard

Ben Crystal

Introducing Cultural Studies - A Graphic Guide

Ziauddin Sardar

Love Sex Death and Words - Surprising Tales From a Year in Literature

John Sutherland, Stephen Fender

Introducing Postmodernism - A Graphic Guide

Richard Appignanesi, Chris Garratt

Neymar - The Making of the World’s Greatest New Number 10 - 2015 edition

Luca Caioli

How to be a Productivity Ninja - FREE SAMPLER - Worry Less Achieve More and Love What You Do

Graham Allcott

Ronaldo - The Obsession For Perfection - 2016 Updated Edition

Luca Caioli

The World's Greatest Idea

John Farndon

The First 20 Minutes - The Surprising Science of How We Can Exercise Better Train Smarter and Live Longer

Gretchen Reynolds

That Was When People Started to Worry - Windows into Unwell Minds

Nancy Tucker

Quantum - Einstein Bohr and the Great Debate About the Nature of Reality

Manjit Kumar

Introducing Psychology - A Graphic Guide

Nigel Benson

How to be a Knowledge Ninja - Study smarter Focus better Achieve more

Graham Allcott

How Thinking About Sex Helps You Write Essays - From How to be a Knowledge Ninja

Graham Allcott

Ronaldo – 2017 Updated Edition - The Obsession For Perfection

Luca Caioli

Messi – 2018 Updated Edition - More Than a Superstar

Luca Caioli

You Are the Music - How Music Reveals What it Means to be Human

Victoria Williamson

Messi - More Than a Superstar – 2015 Updated Edition

Luca Caioli

FREE Introducing Graphic Guide Sampler

Cathia Jenainati, Sharron Shatil, Dan Cryan, Eileen Magnello, Ziauddin Sardar, J.P. McEvoy, Oscar Zarate, Nigel Benson

How Many Moons Does the Earth Have? - The Ultimate Science Quiz Book

Brian Clegg

Bandit - A Daughter's Memoir

Molly Brodak

Who I Am

Charlotte Rampling

Messi Neymar Ronaldo - Head to Head with the World's Greatest Players

Luca Caioli

Ronaldo - The Obsession for Perfect - 2015 Updated Edition

Luca Caioli

Einstein's Masterwork - 1915 and the General Theory of Relativity

John Gribbin

Messi – 2017 Updated Edition - More Than a Superstar

Luca Caioli

Messi - Updated Edition

Luca Caioli