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Publisher: Head of Zeus

Head of Zeus

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The Officer Girl in Blue

Fenella J. Miller

What I Never Told You

Dawn Goodwin

The Watchers - A gripping debut horror novel for 2021

A.M. Shine

The Blood Isles - An action-packed adventure set in Edinburgh

C.F. Barrington

Making Waves at Penvennan Cove

Linn B. Halton

Mr Portobello's Morning Paper

Amanda Prowse

Gods of Rome

Simon Turney, Gordon Doherty

The Dentist

Tim Sullivan

The Cyclist

Tim Sullivan

A Family Affair - the irresistibly funny heartwarming new read from bestselling author Julie Houston

Julie Houston

The Ladies' Midnight Swimming Club - an uplifting emotional story set in the sweeping Irish countryside perfect for fans of Sheila O'Flanagan

Faith Hogan

Into the Fire - The gripping new thriller from crime fiction bestseller

Rachael Blok

The Best of World SF - Volume 1

Lavie Tidhar

Cold Boy's Wood

Carol Birch

On the Line

Joseph Ponthus

Amber - an absolutely gripping gritty crime thriller

Heather Burnside

Staying Out for the Summer - The perfect Greek romcom to keep your summer going

Mandy Baggot

The Guest House - A gripping psychological thriller from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Richard & Judy pick Dark Winter

David Mark

The Sword Falls

A.J. Smith

Coming Home to the Four Streets - A beautifully written historical saga by a Sunday Times bestselling author

Nadine Dorries

The Ministry of Bodies

Seamus O'Mahony

The Forgotten Life of Arthur Pettinger - absolutely heartbreaking World War 2 historical fiction

Suzanne Fortin

The Performer's Tale - The Nine Lives of Patience Collier

Vanessa Morton

Masters of Rome

Simon Turney, Gordon Doherty

Forgive and Forget - an addictive new crime novel perfect for fans of Kimberley Chambers

Stephanie Harte

Trouble for the Leading Lady - a gripping Victorian saga

Rachel Brimble

The Summer Island Festival

Rachel Burton

Nemesis - A new gripping British thriller full of action and adventure

Anthony Riches

Spring Blossoms at Mill Grange

Jenny Kane

The Wild Isles - An Anthology of the Best of British and Irish Nature Writing

Patrick Barkham