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Publisher: Ginninderra Press

Ginninderra Press

We believe that all people – not just a privileged few – have a right to participate actively in cultural creation rather than just being passive consumers of mass media. Our culture is revitalised and enriched when everyone is encouraged to fulfil their creative potential and diminished when that creative potential is stifled or thwarted. We love to observe the transformative possibilities for people when they see their work published and acknowledged. Getting published can and does change lives.

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Pursuit - Humorous Stories

Laurie Brady

The Usual Story

Libby Sommer

State of the Heart

Carol Patterson

Mrs Rickaby's Lullaby

Julie Thorndyke

All We Need To Know - A Family in Time

Hugh Crago

A Sparrow Splashing

Shih Jingang

I Am Not An Island

Elizabeth Lane

The Empty Chair - & other stories

Edna Taylor

At Large

Graeme Hetherington

The Crisis - How autism nearly destroyed my family and what we did

Matthew Karpin

To Fly Again

Ray Stuart

Vigil - and other stories

Derek Mortimer

Parts of the Main

Jane Williams

The Rock

Maureen Mendelowitz


Antony Fawcus

The Eucalypt Distillery

Michele Fermanis-Winward

Enngonia Road - Death and deprivation in the Australian outback

Richard Stanton

Just for the Record - Collected Poems

Nance Cookson

Pardon My French - A Memoir

Anne-Marie Smith

Keeping it in the Family

Pippa Kay

Katherine's Web

Maureen Mitson

Pine Cones & Rhubarb & Little Hissy Kisses

Jocelyn Munro

An Inherited Epic of Gilgamesh - A poetic memoir dedicated to James McAuley

Graeme Hetherington

Such Sweet Sorrow

Richard Bell

Beauty in the Darkness

Andrew Drake


Caroline Anne Butt

From the Mallee - Five Stories

Colin Rogers

Poems from the Cradle of Dreams

Catharine Steinberg