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G2 Rights

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England Players' Records - 1872 - 2020

Graham Betts

The Last Dance - Saving India's Dancing Bears

Alan Knight, Sean Whyte

Football Grounds - A Fans' Guide England & Wales 2019 20

Duncan Adams

The History of the World Rugby Cup

Peter Murray, Lorri Lynn

Mary Magdalene's Legacy

Julie de Vere Hunt

World Cup Cricket - A Complete History

Peter Murray

The Cricketers' Who's Who 2019

Benj Moorehead

Oliver Storm and the great Disappearance

Freddie Ellison

The Eagle has Landed - Celebrating 50years since man stepped on the Moon

Peter Murray

G'day ya Pommie b******! - and other cricketing memories

David Lloyd

Woodstock '69 - 50th Anniversary

Peter Murray

The Smuggler's Daughter

Mandy Hartley

To Catch A Thief

Mandy Hartley

Little Book of Sherlock Holmes

Michelle Brachet

Philip E West Aviation Masterworks

Philip E West

A Century of Remembrance

Laura Clouting

The Cricketer Book of Cricket Eccentrics and Eccentric Behaviour

Christopher Martin-Jenkins

The War on Paper - 20 documents That Defined the Second World War

Anthony Richards

Cherno Samba Still In The Game

Cherno Samba


Peter Gammond

Know About Jazz

Peter Gammond, Peter Clayton

Bill McLaren's Dream Lions

Bill McLaren

One Man's Music

Peter Gammond

The Book of Golf Disasters & Bizarre Records

Chris Plumridge

Offenbach: His Life & Times

Peter Gammond

Wooden Spoon Rugby World Yearbook 2019

Ian Robertson

The Story of Apollo

David Wildish

The Book of Snooker Disasters & Bizarre Records

Chris Rhys

The Book of Rugby Disasters & Bizarre Records

Fran Cotton, Chris Rhys

Apostle to Mary Magdalene

Julie de Vere Hunt