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Form and Event - Principles for an Interpretation of the Greek World

Carlo Diano

The Geological Unconscious - German Literature and the Mineral Imaginary

Jason Groves

Radical Ambivalence - Race in Flannery O'Connor

Angela Alaimo O'Donnell

The Fact of Resonance - Modernist Acoustics and Narrative Form

Julie Beth Napolin

Against Sustainability - Reading Nineteenth-Century America in the Age of Climate Crisis

Michelle Neely

Circling the Elephant - A Comparative Theology of Religious Diversity

John J. Thatamanil

Womanpriest - Tradition and Transgression in the Contemporary Roman Catholic Church

Jill Peterfeso

At Wit's End - The Deadly Discourse on the Jewish Joke

Louis Kaplan

Living with Tiny Aliens - The Image of God for the Anthropocene

Adam Pryor

A is for Asylum Seeker: Words for People on the Move A de asilo: palabras para personas en movimiento

Rachel Ida Buff

That Further Shore - A Memoir of Irish Roots and American Promise

John D. Feerick

In Your Eyes I See My Words - Homilies and Speeches from Buenos Aires Volume 2: 2005–2008

Pope Francis

The Instant and Its Shadow - A Story of Photography

Jean-Christophe Bailly

Urban Formalism - The Work of City Reading

David Faflik

Osnabrück Station to Jerusalem

Hélène Cixous

Peculiar Attunements - How Affect Theory Turned Musical

Roger Mathew Grant

Crimmigrant Nations - Resurgent Nationalism and the Closing of Borders

Robert Koulish, Maartje van der Woude

Uniquely Okinawan - Determining Identity During the US Wartime Occupation

Courtney A. Short

America's Last Great Newspaper War - The Death of Print in a Two-Tabloid Town

Mike Jaccarino

Humbug! - The Politics of Art Criticism in New York City's Penny Press

Wendy Jean Katz

Technologies of Critique

Willy Thayer

Old Schools - Modernism Education and the Critique of Progress

Ramsey McGlazer

Anarchaeologies - Reading as Misreading

Erin Graff Zivin

Queer Natures Queer Mythologies

Sam See

Decadent Orientalisms - The Decay of Colonial Modernity

David Fieni

The Literary Qur'an - Narrative Ethics in the Maghreb

Hoda El Shakry

Radical Botany - Plants and Speculative Fiction

Natania Meeker, Antónia Szabari

The Disposition of Nature - Environmental Crisis and World Literature

Jennifer Wenzel

Upper West Side Catholics - Liberal Catholicism in a Conservative Archdiocese

Thomas J. Shelley

The Doctor and Mrs A - Ethics and Counter-Ethics in an Indian Dream Analysis

Sarah Pinto