You wouldn't limit the air you breathe. Why limit your readings?
Publisher: Fordham University Press

Fordham University Press

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Faith in Life - John Dewey's Early Philosophy

Donald J. Morse

Google Me - One-Click Democracy

Barbara Cassin

Pragmatism as Post-Postmodernism - Lessons from John Dewey

Larry A. Hickman

Murder Inc and the Moral Life - Gangsters and Gangbusters in La Guardia's New York

Robert Weldon Whalen

The Search for Major Plagge - The Nazi Who Saved Jews Expanded Edition

Michael Goode

Ending and Unending Agony - On Maurice Blanchot

Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe

Raised by the Church - Growing up in New York City's Catholic Orphanages

Edward Rohs, Judith Estrine


Jean-Luc Nancy

The Politics of Survival - Peirce Affectivity and Social Criticism

Lara Trout

Negative Ecstasies - Georges Bataille and the Study of Religion

Jeremy Biles, Kent L. Brintnall

As Bad as They Say? - Three Decades of Teaching in the Bronx

Janet Grossbach Mayer

What Fanon Said - A Philosophical Introduction to His Life and Thought

Lewis R. Gordon

Boss of Black Brooklyn - The Life and Times of Bertram L Baker

Ron Howell

Quantum Mechanics and the Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead

Michael Epperson

The Basic Writings of Josiah Royce Volume I - Culture Philosophy and Religion

John J. McDermott

The Basic Writings of Josiah Royce Volume II - Logic Loyalty and Community

John J. McDermott

The Practical Anarchist - Writings of Josiah Warren

Crispin Sartwell

Philosophy Americana - Making Philosophy at Home in American Culture

Douglas R. Anderson

Peirce's Philosophical Perspectives

Vincent G. Potter

Novel Shocks - Urban Renewal and the Origins of Neoliberalism

Myka Tucker-Abramson