You wouldn't limit the air you breathe. Why limit your readings?
Publisher: Fordham University Press

Fordham University Press

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The Trace of God - Derrida and Religion

Edward Baring, Peter E. Gordon

Ending and Unending Agony - On Maurice Blanchot

Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe

Is Critique Secular? - Blasphemy Injury and Free Speech

Talal Asad, Wendy Brown, Judith Butler, Saba Mahmood

For Strasbourg - Conversations of Friendship and Philosophy

Jacques Derrida

The Animal That Therefore I Am

Jacques Derrida

The Last Professors - The Corporate University and the Fate of the Humanities

Frank Donoghue

The Much-at-Once - Music Science Ecstasy the Body

Bruce W. Wilshire


Jean-Luc Nancy

Europe and Empire - On the Political Forms of Globalization

Massimo Cacciari

Think Pig! - Beckett at the Limit of the Human

Jean-Michel Rabaté


Jean-Luc Nancy

Negative Ecstasies - Georges Bataille and the Study of Religion

Jeremy Biles, Kent L. Brintnall

Literacy Work in the Reign of Human Capital

Evan Watkins

Levinas and the Night of Being - A Guide to Totality and Infinity

Raoul Moati

Heidegger Philosophy and Politics - The Heidelberg Conference

Jacques Derrida, Hans-Georg Gadamer, Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe

Cruising the Library - Perversities in the Organization of Knowledge

Melissa Adler

Phenomenologies of Scripture

Adam Y. Wells

Resistance of the Sensible World - An Introduction to Merleau-Ponty

Emmanuel Alloa

Georges de La Tour and the Enigma of the Visible

Dalia Judovitz

Derrida after the End of Writing - Political Theology and New Materialism

Clayton Crockett

Faith in Life - John Dewey's Early Philosophy

Donald J. Morse

Peirce's Philosophical Perspectives

Vincent G. Potter

The Reproduction of Life Death - Derrida's La vie la mort

Dawne McCance