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Publisher: Encircle Publications

Encircle Publications

This is the page of Encircle Publications on 24symbols. Here you can see and read its books.

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Hunting the Five Point Killer

C.M. Wendelboe

Hunting the Saturday Night Strangler

C.M. Wendelboe

Hunting the VA Slayer

C.M. Wendelboe

The Front Wing

Mike Befeler

The Knight of the Cart

Jay Ruud

Last Call at the Esposito

Richard J. Cass

Elder Darrow Mysteries: Books 1-3 - In Solo Time Solo Act and Burton's Solo

Richard J. Cass

Something Fishy

Lois Schmitt

A Death at Tippitt Pond

Susan Van Kirk

The Queen of All Poisons

BJ Magnani

Sweet Cream Ladies Ltd

Flo Fitzpatrick

Paradise Court

Mike Befeler


Dane Cobain

Death Etched in Stone

C.M. Wendelboe

Survive or Die

Catherine Dilts

Solo Act

Richard J. Cass

Who Killed Joe Italiano?

Al Lamanda

The Back Wing

Mike Befeler

Sailor Take Warning

Richard Bolt

Unstuff Your Stuff

Mike Befeler

Harry Saves the World

Gary Alexander

Treachery in Tuscany

Phyllis Gobbell

Runner in Red

Tom Murphy

Rattlesnake Hill

Leslie Wheeler

The Bleak and Empty Sea

Jay Ruud

In Solo Time

Richard J. Cass

Death of a Scam Artist

Mike Befeler

Stone Cold Blooded

Catherine Dilts