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Secret: Fame or Failure - 107 Women of the Bible

Dorothy L. Johnson

You are Mine - To Love and To Hold

Delia King

The Lighthouse Brigade - The St Marks Adventure

Susanne Griffith

Father in the Wild

Dave Herring

Tommy's Wired and Mommy's Tired - Help for Moms of High-Energy Kids (And Tips for Family and Friends)

Rita Bergen

Embrace Your Identity in Christ

Niyi Olujobi

In the Company of Men

Brian Donohue

Human Gravity - An Engineer’s Analysis of Society-Government Relations

Al Keller

The Gods of Christianity

Brian Dennis

Teaching for God's Glory - Daily Wisdom and Inspiration for New Teachers

Tyler Harms

The STEWARD Plan - Understanding God's Design for Your Finances

John Madison

Finding Your Inner Warrior - A Guide for the Hesitant Woman in the Wake of MeToo

Nora Fahlberg

Is it Soup yet? - A Parable View of the Refining Process of the Holy Spirit

Nina Sausman

Knowing This - Finding Joy in the Middle of the Unknowns A 90-Day Devotional Journal

Sarah Ransom

Outside Looking In - Jesus’ Message for the Last Days Church

Roger Bennett

The Promises of Home

Robert Manuel Trindade

The Last Voyage of the Emir

David Riley

Learning to Live Again in a New World - A Journey from Loss to New Life

Marlene Anderson

The Fields - Our Journey through Medicine Mission Life and Faith

Manh Dang

A Seed Planted

Cat FitzGerald

The Walk of the Cross - Christian Discipleship: Dying to Self

Robert Makrush

A Pilgrim Looks at 60 - Life in the Middle of the Christian Bell Curve

James Annable

John the Beloved

Deborah Wyatt

The Historical Jesus and the Historical Joseph Smith

Tom Hobson

God's Oaks of Righteousness - Working Together to Develop Servant Christians

Linda Pyle

Jesus the Way and Truth to a Successful Happy Life! - Jesus: Four Steps that Lead to Peace Joy True Success and Happiness

Rick Nelson

Spiritual Wings

Elaine White Pauley

Barrio Walk - Stepping Into Wisdom

Ruben Gonzales

His Plan - 21st Mission Method

Cindy Liu

The Sound of Many Waters

Robert Manuel Trindade