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Publisher: Editions Dedicaces

Editions Dedicaces

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Beyond an Adventure: A Beautiful Love

Angel R. Almagro

Premonition Realized

Shirley Ann Freeze

The Fanciful Prince (Volume 2)

Guy Boulianne


Jean-Yves Fortuny

Inside The Midnight Hour

Allen Stanfill

Killer In The Woods

Allen Stanfill

This Meadow of Words

Hamid Larbi

Léo Ferré Artist of Life

Thierry Rollet

A Sort of Highly-Gifted One

Alban Bourdy

Faded Dreams

Carlos Rubio

Edith Piaf Ode to the child of a vagrant

Thierry Rollet

Making Up The World

Mark Fleckenstein

The Devil Wears a Dressing Gown

D.A. Cairns

Best Served Cold

Carol Margaret Tetlow

The Hero of New France

Lee Dorsey

The Day My Soul Spoke

Jean-Yves Fortuny

Acting in Love

Ernest Pick

The Angel's Revenge

Kane Lesser

Red Curls

Patricia Ilich

The Angel's Curse

Kane Lesser

Quentin the Rebel

Opaline Allandet

Change of Mind

Carol Margaret Tetlow

Spoilt For Choice

Carol Margaret Tetlow

My Duty

Jarl Alé de Basseville

Good Vibrations

CB Barrie

Shadows of Yesterday

Azubike Okwudili Eze

The Moghul Hedonist

Farzana Moon

Where Have You Been?

Amit Siovitz

The Odessa Bride

CB Barrie

Too Close For Comfort

Carol Margaret Tetlow