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Publisher: Dundurn


“Dundurn Press was founded in 1972 by Kirk Howard, who was at the time a community college instructor frustrated by the lack of books on Canadian history. At first a small publisher of Canadian nonfiction, focusing on military history, current affairs, politics, and biography, the company has since expanded. Publishing more than 100 books a year, the publishing program now includes award-winning adult and young adult fiction, mysteries, biographies, business, and current affairs titles, as well as a wide range of military history.”

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Single Girl Problems - Why Being Single Isn't a Problem to Be Solved

Andrea Bain

Cold North Killers - Canadian Serial Murder

Lee Mellor

The Day She Died

S. M. Freedman

Unsolved - True Canadian Cold Cases

Robert J. Hoshowsky

The Best Mistake Mystery - The Great Mistake Mysteries

Sylvia McNicoll


Colleen Nelson


R.M. Greenaway

Stonechild and Rouleau Mysteries 5-Book Bundle - Bleeding Darkness Shallow End Tumbled Graves and 2 more

Brenda Chapman

This Shall Be a House of Peace

Phil Halton

Now You Know Crime Scenes - The Little Book of Answers

Doug Lennox

Rampage - Canadian Mass Murder and Spree Killing

Lee Mellor

Dan Sharp Mysteries 3-Book Bundle - Lake on the Mountain Pumpkin Eater The Jade Butterfly

Jeffrey Round

Crazy Dead

Suzanne F. Kingsmill

Wishful Seeing - A Thaddeus Lewis Mystery

Janet Kellough

Shallow End - A Stonechild and Rouleau Mystery

Brenda Chapman

Booking In - A Crang Mystery

Jack Batten

The God Game - A Dan Sharp Mystery

Jeffrey Round

Body Swap

Sylvia McNicoll

Falling for London - A Cautionary Tale

Sean Mallen

Polyamorous - Living and Loving More

Jenny Yuen

Turning Secrets - A Stonechild and Rouleau Mystery

Brenda Chapman

All We Knew But Couldn't Say

Joanne Vannicola

Daughters of Light 3-Book Bundle - Darkness Rising Solomon's Ring Finding Jade

Mary Jennifer Payne

River of Lies

R.M. Greenaway

Tell Me My Name

Erin Ruddy

Five Ways to Disappear

R.M. Greenaway

A Stolen Life - Searching for Richard Pierpoint

David Meyler, Peter Meyler

Robertson Davies - Magician of Words

Nicholas Maes

Cold Dark Matter - A Morgan O'Brien Mystery

Alex Brett

Does Your Mother Know? - A Christine Morris Mystery

Maureen Jennings