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Publisher: Diversion Books

Diversion Books

Diversion Books is a leading independent publisher based in New York City. Launched in 2010, Diversion combines decades of traditional experience with new, innovative publishing strategies. Diversion believes in establishing creative and collaborative partnerships with authors and is committed to the discovery of new voices as well as the rejuvenation of yesterday’s bestsellers. Diversion is an editorially driven team and is involved from inception through every phase of book development....

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Falling Through Time - Mists of Fate - Book Four

Nancy Scanlon

Rebel at Work - How to Innovate and Drive Results When You Aren't the Boss

Natalie Neelan

The Hope-Driven Leader - Harness the Power of Positivity at Work

Libby Gill

Burro Hills

Julia Lynn Rubin

Wild Escape - The Prison Break from Dannemora and the Manhunt that Captured America

Chelsia Rose Marcius

Court Justice - The Inside Story of My Battle Against the NCAA

Ed O'Bannon, Michael McCann

Her Sister's Bridegroom

Jane Bonander

Sole Survivor - The Inspiring True Story of Coming Face to Face with the Infamous Railroad Killer

Holly Dunn

When the Knicks Became Champs - A Courtside View of the Team's First NBA Championship Season 1969–70

Mike Shatzkin

JJ's Journey - A Story of Heroes and Heart

Tracy Calhoun

Fire and Sword - Clan Gunn - Book One

Raine Cantrell

Silk and Steel - Clan Gunn - Book Two

Raine Cantrell

Magic and Mist - Clan Gunn - Book Three

Raine Cantrell

Achilles - The Deep Sky Saga - Book One

Greg Boose

Poison Girls

Cheryl L. Reed

The Cabal and Other Stories

Ellen Gilchrist

Anabasis - A Journey to the Interior

Ellen Gilchrist

World Tree Girl - A Shadow Valley Manor Novel

Kerry Schafer

The Journalist

Dan Newman

Sarah - The Merry Widows - Book Three

Raine Cantrell

The Heart of the Deal - How to Invest and Negotiate like a Real Estate Mogul

Anthony Lolli

And With the Shadow People Be

Dan Newman

Once Upon a Summer Night - Mists of Fate - Book Three

Nancy Scanlon

Uncovering Trump - The Truth Behind Donald Trump's Charitable Giving

Post The Washington, David A. Fahrenthold

Quests of the Kings - The Quests of the Kings Trilogy - Book One

Robert Evert


Kelsey Sutton

Tunnel Vision - A True Story of Multiple Murder and Justice in Chaos at America's Biggest Marine Base

N. P. Simpson

Presidents' Day

Seth Margolis

NeuroWisdom - The New Brain Science of Money Happiness and Success

Mark Robert Waldman, PhD Manning

Once an Outlaw - The Kincaids - Book Two

Raine Cantrell