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Publisher: Diversion Books

Diversion Books

Diversion Books is a leading independent publisher based in New York City. Launched in 2010, Diversion combines decades of traditional experience with new, innovative publishing strategies. Diversion believes in establishing creative and collaborative partnerships with authors and is committed to the discovery of new voices as well as the rejuvenation of yesterday’s bestsellers. Diversion is an editorially driven team and is involved from inception through every phase of book development....

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Open Invitation

Tiffany White

The Jordan Rules - The Inside Story of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls

Sam Smith

Cold Comfort - A Detective Barry Gilbert Mystery

Scott MacKay

Comanche Passion - The Comanche Series - Book Three

Sara Orwig

Comanche Eagle - The Comanche Series - Book Two

Sara Orwig

A London Season

Patricia Bray

Perfect Little Angels

Andrew Neiderman

Guardian Angel

Andrew Neiderman

The Scarlet Letter (Diversion Classics)

Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Lady Chapel - The Owen Archer Series - Book Two

Candace Robb

The Riddle of St Leonard's - The Owen Archer Series - Book Five

Candace Robb

A Gift of Sanctuary - The Owen Archer Series - Book Six

Candace Robb

The Apothecary Rose - The Owen Archer Series - Book One

Candace Robb

A Vigil of Spies - The Owen Archer Series - Book Ten

Candace Robb

The Guilt of Innocents - The Owen Archer Series - Book Nine

Candace Robb

The Nun's Tale - The Owen Archer Series - Book Three

Candace Robb

A Spy for the Redeemer - The Owen Archer Series - Book Seven

Candace Robb

Love Lies - A True Story of Marriage and Murder in the Suburbs

Amanda Lamb

The Fortune Hunter

Suzy Spencer

Swan Bride - The Swan Maiden Trilogy - Book One

Betina Lindsey

The Raven Room - The Raven Room Trilogy - Book One

Ana Medeiros

The Winter Laird - Mists of Fate - Book One

Nancy Scanlon

Dangerously Yours - The Durand Chronicles - Book One

Lark Brennan

Scent - The Delta Girls - Book Three

Juliet Madison

In the Shadow of the Mountains

Rosanne Bittner

The Forever Tree

Rosanne Bittner

Her Outlaw Heart

Samantha Harte

Wild Lavender - The Aurelian Guard - Book One

Nicole Elizabeth Kelleher

Lawless Love

Rosanne Bittner

The Cross-Legged Knight - The Owen Archer Series - Book Eight

Candace Robb