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Publisher: De Gruyter

De Gruyter

“Der unabhängige Wissenschaftsverlag De Gruyter blickt auf eine über 260-jährige Geschichte zurück. Die Unternehmensgruppe publiziert jährlich etwa 1.300 neue Titel in den Gebieten Geisteswissenschaften, STM und Rechtswissenschaft sowie mehr als 650 Abonnement- und Open Access-Fachzeitschriften und eine Vielzahl digitaler Produkte. De Gruyter hat seinen Stammsitz in Berlin und Dependancen in Basel, Boston, München und Peking.”

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Formulaic Language and New Data - Theoretical and Methodological Implications

Christian Pfeiffer, Natalia Filatkina, Sören Stumpf, Elisabeth Piirainen

«He should have listened to his wife!» - The Construction of Women’s Roles in German and Yiddish Pre-modern 'Wigalois' Adaptations

Annegret Oehme

Fintech Founders - Inspiring Tales from the Entrepreneurs that are Changing Finance

Agustín Rubini

The Roll in England and France in the Late Middle Ages - Form and Content

Jörg Peltzer, Stefan G. Holz, Maree Shirota

Disruptive Fintech - The Coming Wave of Innovation in Financial Services with Thought Leadership Provided by CEOs

James Deitch

Aspectuality - An Onomasiological Model Applied to the Romance Languages

Sarah Dessì Schmid

Confucius and Cicero - Old Ideas for a New World New Ideas for an Old World

Andrea Balbo, Jaewon Ahn

Rulership in 1st to 14th century Scandinavia - Royal graves and sites at Avaldsnes and beyond

Dagfinn Skre

Antisemitism in the North - History and State of Research

Cordelia Heß, Jonathan Adams

The Emergence of Multiple-Text Manuscripts

Michael Friedrichs, Alessandro Bausi, Marilena Maniaci

The Oracle Bone Inscriptions from Huayuanzhuang East - Translated with an Introduction and Commentary

Adam C. Schwartz

Chinese Annals in the Western Observatory - An Outline of Western Studies of Chinese Unearthed Documents

Edward Shaughnessy

Cosmopolitan Responsibility - Global Injustice Relational Equality and Individual Agency

Jan-Christoph Heilinger

Visualizing the invisible with the human body - Physiognomy and ekphrasis in the ancient world

J. Cale Johnson, Alessandro Stavru

The International Labour Organization - 100 Years of Global Social Policy

Daniel Maul

Goethe’s Faust and the Divan of Ḥāfiẓ - Body and Soul in Pursuit of Knowledge and Beauty

Hiwa Michaeli

Contemporary German Crime Fiction - A Companion

Thomas W. Kniesche

Business Statistics with Solutions in R

Mustapha Abiodun Akinkunmi

Dress and Cultural Difference in Early Modern Europe

Denise Klein, Cornelia Aust, Thomas Weller

Staging Doubt - Skepticism in Early Modern European Drama

Leonie Pawlita

A Buddhist Ritual Manual on Agriculture - Vajratuṇḍasamayakalparāja – Critical Edition

Gergely Hidasi

Genocide and Mass Violence in Asia - An Introductory Reader

Frank Jacob

The Internet of Everything - Advances Challenges and Applications

Nilanjan Dey, Gitanjali Shinde, Parikshit Mahalle, Henning Olesen

The Amazing Put - The Overlooked Option and Low-Risk Strategies

Michael C. Thomsett

The Saga of the Jómsvikings - A Translation for Students

Alison Finlay, Þórdís Edda Jóhannesdóttir

Digital Classical Philology - Ancient Greek and Latin in the Digital Revolution

Monica Berti

Cognitive Linguistics - Foundations of Language

Dagmar Divjak, Ewa Dąbrowska

Cognitive Linguistics - A Survey of Linguistic Subfields

Dagmar Divjak, Ewa Dąbrowska

Cognitive Linguistics - Key Topics

Dagmar Divjak, Ewa Dąbrowska

Southern African Liberation Movements and the Global Cold War ‘East’ - Transnational Activism 1960–1990

Chris Saunders, Lena Dallywater, Helder Adegar Fonseca