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Publisher: De Gruyter

De Gruyter

“Der unabhängige Wissenschaftsverlag De Gruyter blickt auf eine über 260-jährige Geschichte zurück. Die Unternehmensgruppe publiziert jährlich etwa 1.300 neue Titel in den Gebieten Geisteswissenschaften, STM und Rechtswissenschaft sowie mehr als 650 Abonnement- und Open Access-Fachzeitschriften und eine Vielzahl digitaler Produkte. De Gruyter hat seinen Stammsitz in Berlin und Dependancen in Basel, Boston, München und Peking.”

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Literature and Politics in the Later Foucault

Azucena G. Blanco

Annotations in Scholarly Editions and Research - Functions Differentiation Systematization

Julia Nantke, Frederik Schlupkothen

Confronting Antisemitism from the Perspectives of Christianity Islam and Judaism

Dina Porat, Lawrence H. Schiffman, Armin Lange, Kerstin Mayerhofer

Morphosyntactic Variation in Medieval Celtic Languages - Corpus-Based Approaches

Elliott Lash, Fangzhe Qiu, David Stifter

Disseminating Jewish Literatures - Knowledge Research Curricula

Claudia Olk, Susanne Zepp, Kader Konuk, Ruth Fine, Natasha Gordinsky, Galili Shahar

Framing Intellectual and Lived Spaces in Early South Asia - Sources and Boundaries

Lucas den Boer, Elizabeth A. Cecil

The Fish Lands - German trade with Iceland Shetland and the Faroe Islands in the late 15th and 16th Century

Bart Holterman

Approaches to the Medieval Self - Representations and Conceptualizations of the Self in the Textual and Material Culture of Western Scandinavia c 800-1500

Stefka G. Eriksen, Karen Langsholt Holmqvist, Bjørn Bandlien

Literary Translation Reception and Transfer

Norbert Bachleitner

From Memory to Marble - The historical frieze of the Voortrekker Monument Part II: The Scenes

Elizabeth Rankin, Rolf Michael Schneider

Handbook of Stemmatology - History Methodology Digital Approaches

Philipp Roelli

Exploiting Agility for Advantage - A Step-by-Step Process for Acquiring Requisite Organisational Agility

David L. Francis

Stories that Make History - The Experience and Memories of the Japanese Military ›Comfort Girls-Women‹

War The Research Team of the, Center Women’s Human Rights

Cultural Techniques - Assembling Spaces Texts & Collectives

Jörg Dünne, Wolfgang Struck, Kathrin Fehringer, Kristina Kuhn

Wei Wang: The Poetry and Prose of Wang Wei Volume 2

Wei Wang

Cultures of Eschatology - Volume 1: Empires and Scriptural Authorities in Medieval Christian Islamic and Buddhist Communities Volume 2: Time Death and Afterlife in Medieval Christian Islamic and Buddhist Communities

Johann Heiss, Veronika Wieser, Vincent Eltschinger

Judah Halevi’s Fideistic Scepticism in the Kuzari

Ehud Krinis

Literary Culture in Early Modern England 1630–1700 - Angles of Contingency

Ingo Berensmeyer

From Scrolls to Scrolling - Sacred Texts Materiality and Dynamic Media Cultures

Bradford A. Anderson

The Summa Halensis - Doctrines and Debates

Lydia Schumacher

Electrical Machines - A Practical Approach

Satish Kumar Peddapelli, Sridhar Gaddam

Tracing and Documenting Nazi Victims Past and Present

Henning Borggräfe, Christian Höschler, Isabel Panek

Speaking Out on Governance - What Stakeholders Say About the Revolution

Deborah Hicks Midanek

The Concept of Revelation in Judaism Christianity and Islam

Georges Tamer

Developing Innovation - Innovation Management in IT Companies

Tomislav Buljubašić

The Summa Halensis - Sources and Context

Lydia Schumacher

Material Aspects of Reading in Ancient and Medieval Cultures - Materiality Presence and Performance

Anna Krauß, Jonas Leipziger, Friederike Schücking-Jungblut

Carbon-Based Smart Materials

Dimitrios Dragatogiannis, Constantinos Charitidis, Elias P. Koumoulos

Lived Religion in the Ancient Mediterranean World - Approaching Religious Transformations from Archaeology History and Classics

Jörg Rüpke, Maik Patzelt, Valentino Gasparini, Rubina Raja, Anna-Katharina Rieger, Emiliano Urciuoli

Agents’ Abilities

Romy Jaster