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Publisher: Cornell University Press

Cornell University Press

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The Ethics of Criticism

Tobin Siebers

Cornell University Press Est 1869 - Our First 150 Years

Karen M. Laun

Paradigms for a Metaphorology

Hans Blumenberg

Necessary Luxuries - Books Literature and the Culture of Consumption in Germany 1770–1815

Matt Erlin

The Outbreak of the Peloponnesian War

Donald Kagan

The Archidamian War

Donald Kagan

Tolstoy On War - Narrative Art and Historical Truth in "War and Peace"

Rick McPeak, Donna Tussing Orwin

Welcome to the Suck - Narrating the American Soldier's Experience in Iraq

Stacey Peebles

In the Words of E B White - Quotations from America's Most Companionable of Writers

E. B. White

Reckoning with the Imagination - Wittgenstein and the Aesthetics of Literary Experience

Charles Altieri

A Preface to Sartre

Dominick LaCapra

Bones around My Neck - The Life and Exile of a Prince Provocateur

Tamara Loos

Nabokov - The Mystery of Literary Structures

Leona Toker

Banished to the Great Northern Wilderness - Political Exile and Re-education in Mao’s China

Ning Wang

Chinese Working-Class Lives - Getting By in Taiwan

Hill Gates

The Taming of Evolution - The Persistence of Nonevolutionary Views in the Study of Humans

Davydd Greenwood

Joyce - The Return of the Repressed

Susan Stanford Friedman

Feminist Theory Women's Writing

Laurie A. Finke

Homicide in American Fiction 1798–1860 - A Study in Social Values

David Brion Davis

Allegories of America - Narratives Metaphysics Politics

Frederick M. Dolan

Moral Aspects of Economic Growth and Other Essays

Jr. Moore

Images from the Region of the Pueblo Indians of North America

Aby M. Warburg

Seductive Reasoning - Pluralism as the Problematic of Contemporary Literary Theory

Ellen Rooney

The Self and Its Pleasures - Bataille Lacan and the History of the Decentered Subject

Carolyn J. Dean

Research Guide to the Russian and Soviet Censuses

Ralph S. Clem

Literary Transcendentalism - Style and Vision in the American Renaissance

Lawrence Buell

Meaning and Interpretation - Wittgenstein Henry James and Literary Knowledge

G. L. Hagberg

The Democracy Development Machine - Neoliberalism Radical Pessimism and Authoritarian Populism in Mayan Guatemala

Nicholas Copeland

The Medieval Saga

Carol J. Clover

Revolution Goes East - Imperial Japan and Soviet Communism

Tatiana Linkhoeva