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Philanthropy - From Aristotle to Zuckerberg

Paul Vallely

Talking Until Nightfall - Remembering Jewish Salonica 1941–44

Isaac Matarasso

Groupthink - A Study in Self Delusion

Christopher Booker

Vexed - Ethics Beyond Political Tribes

James Mumford

The Way of St Benedict

Rowan Williams

The Wind the Fountain and the Fire - Scripture and the Renewal of the Christian Imagination: The 2020 Lent Book

Mark Barrett

With Him - Listening to the Underside of the World

Bruno Cadoré

Alive in God - A Christian Imagination

Timothy Radcliffe

Being Jewish Today - Confronting the Real Issues

Tony Bayfield

How to Think Politically - Sages Scholars and Statesmen Whose Ideas Have Shaped the World

James Bernard Murphy, Graeme Garrard

The Joy of God - Collected Writings

Mary David, St Cecilia's Abbey

Adolescence: How to Survive It - Insights for Parents Teachers and Young Adults

Tony Little, Herb Etkin

Harvest Bells - New and Uncollected Poems by John Betjeman

John Betjeman

Giving Up Without Giving Up - Meditation and Depressions

Jim Green

In the Closet of the Vatican - Power Homosexuality Hypocrisy; THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER

Frederic Martel

Kabbalah: Secrecy Scandal and the Soul

Harry Freedman

The Merciful Humility of God - The 2019 Lent Book

Jan Williams

The Shattering of Loneliness - On Christian Remembrance

Erik Varden

Touched by God - The way to contemplative prayer

Luigi Gioia

Churchill - The Statesman as Artist

David Cannadine

Soho in the Eighties

Christopher Howse

Christ the Heart of Creation

Rowan Williams

Music as an Art

Roger Scruton

Robert Graves - From Great War Poet to Good-bye to All That (1895-1929)

Jean Moorcroft Wilson

Open to God: Open to the World

Pope Francis, Antonio Spadaro

Revolution Française - Emmanuel Macron and the quest to reinvent a nation

Sophie Pedder

Royal Books and Holy Bones - Essays in Medieval Christianity

Eamon Duffy

How Fear Works - Culture of Fear in the Twenty-First Century

Frank Furedi

Notes from the Cévennes - Half a Lifetime in Provincial France

Adam Thorpe

Faith Finding a Voice

Cardinal Vincent Nichols