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Publisher: Columbia University Press

Columbia University Press

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In Remembrance of the Saints - The Rise and Fall of an Inner Asian Sufi Dynasty

David Brophy

The Best American Magazine Writing 2020

Sid Holt

Notre-Dame of Amiens - Life of the Gothic Cathedral

Stephen Murray

The Story of Evolution in 25 Discoveries - The Evidence and the People Who Found It

Donald R. Prothero

Hubert Harrison - The Struggle for Equality 1918–1927

Jeffrey B Perry

The Terroir of Whiskey - A Distiller's Journey Into the Flavor of Place

Rob Arnold

Pleasure in Profit - Popular Prose in Seventeenth-Century Japan

Laura Moretti

Research Exposed - How Empirical Social Science Gets Done in the Digital Age

Eszter Hargittai

The Arab and Jewish Questions - Geographies of Engagement in Palestine and Beyond

Leila Farsakh, Bashir Bashir

Narrative and Narration - Analyzing Cinematic Storytelling

Warren Buckland

Redlining Culture - A Data History of Racial Inequality and Postwar Fiction

Richard Jean So

Photo Poetics - Chinese Lyricism and Modern Media Culture

Shengqing Wu

Intervolution - Smart Bodies Smart Things

Mark C. Taylor

Plastic Free - The Inspiring Story of a Global Environmental Movement and Why It Matters

Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, Joanna Atherfold Finn

So You Want to Be a Neuroscientist?

Ashley Juavinett

The Stardom Film - Creating the Hollywood Fairy Tale

Karen McNally

Epistenology - Wine as Experience

Nicola Perullo

Confucianism and Sacred Space - The Confucius Temple from Imperial China to Today

Chin-shing Huang

What Would Nature Do? - A Guide for Our Uncertain Times

Ruth DeFries

Critique on the Couch - Why Critical Theory Needs Psychoanalysis

Amy Allen

Bookishness - Loving Books in a Digital Age

Jessica Pressman

Conflict Among Rebels - Why Insurgent Groups Fight Each Other

Costantino Pischedda

Super Polluters - Tackling the World’s Largest Sites of Climate-Disrupting Emissions

Don Grant, Andrew Jorgenson, Wesley Longhofer

Artificial Whiteness - Politics and Ideology in Artificial Intelligence

Yarden Katz

The Contemporary Superhero Film - Projections of Power and Identity

Terence McSweeney

Slave in a Palanquin - Colonial Servitude and Resistance in Sri Lanka

Nira Wickramasinghe

Radio Empire - The BBC’s Eastern Service and the Emergence of the Global Anglophone Novel

Daniel Ryan Morse

A Community of Scholars - Seventy-Five Years of The University Seminars at Columbia

Thomas Vinciguerra

Journey from St Petersburg to Moscow

Alexander Radishchev

Making Peace with the Universe - Personal Crisis and Spiritual Healing

Michael Scott Alexander