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Publisher: Citadel


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An imprint of: Kensington

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Wicca A to Z - A Modern Witch's Encyclopedia

Gerina Dunwich

Iced In - Ten Days Trapped on the Edge of Antarctica

Chris Turney

3:10 to Boca - And Other Meshugeh Tales of the Yiddish West

Zane Greyberg

"I" Before "E" Except After "C" - Spelling for the Alphabetically Challenged

Laurie E. Rozakis

Goldie's Lox and the Three Bagels - Fractured Jewish Fairy Tales

Jeffrey Dubinsky, Lila Dubinsky

The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse

Patrick Heron

The Military 100 - A Ranking of the Most Influential Military Leaders of All Time

Michael Lee Lanning