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Publisher: Bloomsbury USA

Bloomsbury USA

Bloomsbury USA is a general interest publisher of adult and children's books. Established in 1998, they are the publisher of the bestselling books The Bone Season, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, Kitchen Confidential and Longitude; They also publish Alan Hollinghurst, Tom Standage, Jesmyn Ward, David Leavitt, Warren Berger, Ruth Downie and Roz Chast. Bloomsbury USA's children's list was launched in 2002 and publishes such award-winning and bestselling authors as Printz Award winner Nick...

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The Ring of Honor

Sarah L. Thomson

Enchantress from the Stars

Sylvia Engdahl

Unicorn Princesses 6: Moon's Dance

Emily Bliss

Unicorn Princesses 5: Breeze's Blast

Emily Bliss

The Earth My Butt and Other Big Round Things

Carolyn Mackler

Butterfly Wishes 4: Spring Shine Sparkles

Jennifer Castle

Butterfly Wishes 3: Blue Rain's Adventure

Jennifer Castle

Seeker of the Crown

Ruth Lauren

How to Sell Your Family to the Aliens

Paul Noth

How to Survive a Robot Uprising - Tips on Defending Yourself Against the Coming Rebellion

Daniel H. Wilson

How to Build a Robot Army - Tips on Defending Planet Earth Against Alien Invaders Ninjas and Zombies

Daniel H. Wilson

Where's My Jetpack?

Daniel H. Wilson

Bro-Jitsu - The Martial Art of Sibling Smackdown

Daniel H. Wilson

Princess Before Dawn

E.D. Baker

This Is How It Ends

Eva Dolan

How to Tame a Human Tornado

Paul Tobin

I Found My Tribe - A Memoir

Ruth Fitzmaurice

Memento Mori - A Crime Novel of the Roman Empire

Ruth Downie

The Kevin Show - An Olympic Athlete’s Battle with Mental Illness

Mary Pilon

Memphis Rent Party - The Blues Rock & Soul in Music's Hometown

Robert Gordon

No Filter

Orlagh Collins

More Than We Can Tell

Brigid Kemmerer

Eat the Apple

Matt Young

Kitty's Magic 2 - Shadow the Lonely Cat

Ella Moonheart

Kitty's Magic 1 - Misty the Scared Kitten

Ella Moonheart

The Rending and the Nest

Kaethe Schwehn

How New York Breaks Your Heart

Bill Hayes

When Light Left Us

Leah Thomas

The World Only Spins Forward - The Ascent of Angels in America

Isaac Butler, Dan Kois

Built - The Hidden Stories Behind our Structures

Roma Agrawal