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Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Bloomsbury Publishing

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Defy the Night

Brigid Kemmerer

The Raven Heir

Stephanie Burgis

Unfollow Me - Essays on Complicity

Jill Louise Busby

Chasing Me to My Grave - An Artist's Memoir of the Jim Crow South

Winfred Rembert, Erin I. Kelly

Your Life Has Been Delayed

Michelle I. Mason

Today a Woman Went Mad in the Supermarket - Stories

Hilma Wolitzer

In Kiltumper - A Year in an Irish Garden

Niall Williams, Christine Breen

Stolen Science

Ella Schwartz

Real Estate - A Living Autobiography

Deborah Levy

How We Fall Apart

Katie Zhao

A Brief History of Motion - From the Wheel to the Car to What Comes Next

Tom Standage

When We Were Strangers

Alex Richards

The Other Side of Luck

Ginger Johnson

The Woman from Uruguay

Pedro Mairal

This Poison Heart

Kalynn Bayron

Wild Souls - Freedom and Flourishing in the Non-Human World

Emma Marris

The Cursebreaker Series - A 3-Book Bundle

Brigid Kemmerer

The Darkdeep Series - A 3-Book Bundle

Ally Condie, Brendan Reichs

Who They Was

Gabriel Krauze

Don't Hate the Player

Alexis Nedd

Violet Ghosts

Leah Thomas

Zen Spirit Christian Spirit - The Place of Zen in Christian Life

Robert Kennedy

Kin - A Memoir

Shawna Kay Rodenberg

The Firebird Song

Arnée Flores

The Second - Race and Guns in a Fatally Unequal America

Carol Anderson

The Hollow Inside

Brooke Lauren Davis

Every Body Shines - Sixteen Stories About Living Fabulously Fat

Cassandra Newbould

The Kingdoms

Natasha Pulley

Winning Independence - The Decisive Years of the Revolutionary War 1778-1781

John Ferling

Boy from Buchenwald

Susan McClelland, Robbie Waisman