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Publisher: Bloomsbury Press

Bloomsbury Press

And in the winter of 2008, Bloomsbury launched Bloomsbury Press, an imprint focusing on serious nonfiction under the editorship of Peter Ginna. The Press has produced such bestselling books as The Great Warming, America Aflame, The Art Instinct, The Merchants of Doubt, and The Secret Sentry; as well as works by award-winning writers Brian Fagan, John Ferlling, Victor Davis Hansen, Denis Dutton, and Maury Klein.

An imprint of: Bloomsbury USA

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The Locomotive of War - Money Empire Power and Guilt

Peter Clarke

The Revolution of Robert Kennedy - From Power to Protest After JFK

John R. Bohrer

America and the Great War - A Library of Congress Illustrated History

Margaret E. Wagner

At the Edge of the World - The Heroic Century of the French Foreign Legion

Jean-Vincent Blanchard

Buddhist Economics - An Enlightened Approach to the Dismal Science

Claire Brown

The Murderous History of Bible Translations - Power Conflict and the Quest for Meaning

Harry Freedman

Of Arms and Artists - The American Revolution through Painters' Eyes

Paul Staiti

The Fall of the House of Wilde - Oscar Wilde and His Family

Emer O'Sullivan

Jacobites - A New History of the '45 Rebellion

Jacqueline Riding

Architecture's Odd Couple - Frank Lloyd Wright and Philip Johnson

Hugh Howard

The Bitter Taste of Victory - Life Love and Art in the Ruins of the Reich

Lara Feigel

The Cultural Revolution - A People's History 1962—1976

Frank Dikötter

Stealing Games - How John McGraw Transformed Baseball with the 1911 New York Giants

Maury Klein

Nation on the Take - How Big Money Corrupts Our Democracy and What We Can Do About It

Wendell Potter, Nick Penniman

When We Are No More - How Digital Memory Is Shaping Our Future

Abby Smith Rumsey

Passwords to Paradise - How Languages Have Re-invented World Religions

Nicholas Ostler

You Could Look It Up - The Reference Shelf From Ancient Babylon to Wikipedia

Jack Lynch

Crisis Point - Why We Must – and How We Can – Overcome Our Broken Politics in Washington and Across America

Trent Lott, Tom Daschle, Jon Sternfeld

Gangster Warlords - Drug Dollars Killing Fields and the New Politics of Latin America

Ioan Grillo

Floodpath - The Deadliest Man-Made Disaster of 20th-Century America and the Making of Modern Los Angeles

Jon Wilkman

Richard III - A Ruler and his Reputation

David Horspool

Coventry - November 14 1940

Frederick Taylor

The Health Gap - The Challenge of an Unequal World

Michael Marmot

Spain - The Centre of the World 1519-1682

Robert Goodwin

Whirlwind - The American Revolution and the War That Won It

John Ferling

Dreamland - The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic

Sam Quinones

The Intimate Bond - How Animals Shaped Human History

Brian Fagan

A New History of Life - The Radical New Discoveries about the Origins and Evolution of Life on Earth

Peter Ward, Joe Kirschvink

Coming Out Christian in the Roman World - How the Followers of Jesus Made a Place in Caesar’s Empire

Douglas Ryan Boin

Eleanor Marx - A Life

Rachel Holmes