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Wired Love - A Romance of Dots and Dashes

Ella Cheever Thayer

Prose Edda

Snorri Sturluson, Rasmus B. Anderson (Translator)

The Importance of Being Earnest

Oscar Wilde

The Description of a New World Called the Blazing-World

Margaret Cavendish

The Swan and Her Crew - Illustrated

George Christopher Davies

Nobody's Boy - Illustrated

Hector Malot, Florence Crewe-Jones (Translator), John B. Gruelle (Illustrator)

Flatand - Illustrated

Edwin A. Abbott

The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses - Illustrated

William Horatio Bates

Thoughts On Art and Life

Leonardo Da Vinci, Maurice Baring (Translator)

The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin - Illustrated

Beatrix Potter

The King of the Golden River - Illustrated

John Ruskin

The Journal of William de Rubruck - Account of the Mongols

William de Rubruck, William Woodville Rockhill (Translator)

Under Fire - The Story of a Squad

Henri Barbusse, Fitzwater Wray (Translator)

The Cock and Anchor - Illustrated

Joseph Le Fanu

Two Years Before the Mast

Richard Henry Dana

Looking Backward - From 2000 to 1887

Edward Bellamy

Mr Standfast

John Buchan

A Voyage to Arcturus

David Lindsay

The Maine Woods - Illustrated

Henry David Thoureau

Lays of Ancient Rome - Illustrated

Thomas Babington Macaulay, Paul Hardy (Illustrator)

Crime and Punishment

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Constance Garnett (Translator)

American Indian Stories

Zitkala Zitkala-Sa

Green Mansions - Illustrated

W. H. Hudson

Rip Van Winkle - Illustrated

Washington Irving, N. C. Wyeth

The Lost Prince - Illustrated

Sheba Blake, Maurice L. Bower (Illustrator)

Grandfather's Chair - Illustrated

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Running a Thousand Miles for Freedom

William Craft, Ellen Craft

Just So Stories - Illustrated

Rudyard Kipling, Joseph M. Gleeson (Illustrator)

The Heroes of Asgard - Illustrated

Annie Keary, Eliza Keary, Charles Edmund Brock (Illustrator)

Moby Dick

Herman Melville