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Publisher: Arcturus Publishing

Arcturus Publishing

Arcturus Publishing is dedicated to creating books that appeal to a broad, international market. Their books aim to combine excellent content, attractive design, great production values and exceptional value for money. Arcturus non-fiction ranges cover reference, practical art, new age, classics, puzzles and children's books and we now have more than a 1,000 active titles in their list.

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Think About It! Philosophy for Kids - Key Ideas Clearly Explained

Alex Woolf

Myths of the Norsemen - From the Eddas and Sagas

Hélène Adeline Guerber

Driving Back the Nazis - The Allied Liberation of Western Europe Autumn 1944

Martin King

Drawing Unicorns & Other Mythical Creatures

Peter Gray

A Degree in a Book: Electrical And Mechanical Engineering - Everything You Need to Know to Master the Subject - in One Book!

David Baker

The Nazis' Flight from Justice - How Hitler's Followers Attempted to Vanish Without Trace

Richard Dargie, Julian Flanders

Magical Rescue Vets: Oona the Unicorn

Melody Lockhart

Magical Rescue Vets: Jade the Gem Dragon

Melody Lockhart

Cat Tales - True Stories of Fantastic Felines

Penelope Rich

Battlefield Medics - How Warfare Changed the History of Medicine

Martin King

Celtic Myth and Legend

Charles Squire

Classical Tales of Mythology - Heroes Gods and Monsters of Ancient Rome and Greece

Thomas Bulfinch, Nathaniel Hawthorne

Human All Too Human

Frederich Nietzsche

Meditations on First Philosophy & Other Metaphysical Writings

René Descartes

I Can Draw Fantasy Art - Step by step techniques characters and effects

Juan Calle, William Potter

I Can Draw! Anything - 50 Simple Step-by-Step Guides

William Potter

I Can Draw! Animals - 50 Simple Step-by-Step Guides

William Potter

The History of Britain - From neolithic times to the present day

Richard Dargie

73 Cool Science Tricks to Wow Your Friends!

Anna Claybourne

91 Cool Maths Tricks to Make You Gasp!

Anna Claybourne

Art Class: The Complete Book of Drawing Nature - How to Create Your Own Artwork

Barrington Barber

I Can Draw Fashion - Step-by-Step Techniques Styling Tips and Effects

Robyn Neild

I Can Draw Manga - Step by step techniques characters and effects

David Neal, Marc Powell

Irish Fairy & Folk Tales

James Shepherd

Norse Fairy & Folk Tales

George Webbe Dasent, Charles John Tibbits, Authors Various

World Mythology - From Indigenous Tales to Classical Legends

Tamsin Hughes

Psychology - From Spirits to Psychotherapy: the Mind through the Ages

Anne Rooney

Physics - From Natural Philosophy to the Enigma of Dark Matter

Anne Rooney

Philosophy - From the Ancient Greeks to Great Thinkers of Modern Times

Anne Rooney

Mathematics - From Creating the Pyramids to Exploring Infinity

Anne Rooney