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Publisher: Allison & Busby

Allison & Busby

Independent publishers since 1967, publishing an array of books from crime and thrillers to literary, historical and women's fiction, to fantasy, memoirs, and books on popular culture.

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The Dower House Mystery

Alanna Knight

Changing Lara - A brand new series from the much-loved author of the Peppercorn Street series

Anna Jacobs

Friends and Enemies - Wartime love and loss from the beloved storyteller

Beryl Matthews

The Grasmere Grudge

Rebecca Tope

Nothing Else Remains - The compulsive read

Robert Scragg

A Vintage Year - The uplifting story of a 'happily eventually after'

Rosie Howard

The Mathematical Bridge - A Cambridge Wartime Mystery

Jim Kelly

The Phoenix of Florence - Mystery and murder in medieval Italy

Philip Kazan

Murder at the British Museum - London's famous museum holds a deadly secret…

Jim Eldridge

Severed - The dark and chilling crime novel you won't be able to put down

Peter Laws

Carrion Comfort - A chilling Scottish mystery

Aline Templeton

The Sewing Room Girl

Susanna Bavin

Death on a Shetland Isle

Marsali Taylor

The Yearning Heart - A heart-warming family saga

Sylvia Broady

The Outrageous Fortune of Abel Morgan

Cynthia Jefferies

The Lost Daughter - The gripping saga of grief and love

Sylvia Broady

A Lawless Place - Swashbuckling adventure on the Kent coast

David Donachie

Head Wound

Judith Cutler

Points of Danger

Edward Marston

The Cotton Lass and Other Stories - An uplifting collection of contemporary and historical short stories by a much-loved storyteller

Anna Jacobs

The Girl from the Docklands Café

June Tate

A Close Run Thing

David Donachie

Murder at the Fitzwilliam

Jim Eldridge


Barbara Nadel

The Cambridge Plot

Suzette A. Hill

Crisis in the Cotswolds - The secrets of the dead will not stay buried…

Rebecca Tope

A Respectable Woman

Susanna Bavin

The Hidden Bones

Nicola Ford

Fugitive From The Grave

Edward Marston

Peace Comes to Honeyfield

Anna Jacobs