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Grief Doodling - Bringing Back Your Smiles

Harriet Hodgson

Manage Your Negative Emotions For Healthy Relationships - A Self-Help Manual for Overcoming Negative Emotions in Your Relationship

Prof. Annabelle Rose Woods

Faithhope and Love - Heart warming anecdotes on real life experiences

Geeta Adhikari

Anger Your way to a happier you

humphrey cooper

Children Trees Emotions

Marina Alberta Davo

Why Your Best Friend Is Not a Problem Solver - Stories 6 - A true friend gives us much more than solutions

Zen Michael

7 Reasons Why We Need to Celebrate More Often - Stories 5 - Don’t miss any chance to celebrate your small wins

Zen Michael

Learn to Manage Your Emotions - Stories 2 - The first step is to accept what you feel

Zen Michael

Don’t Try To Be “Normal” - The World Needs You to Be Yourself - Stories 1 - Let’s break the vicious cycle of trying to be like others

Zen Michael

Learn the Truth - The Bus Bunch Learns Abut Honesty

Vincent W. Goett, Amanda Cowles

Relaciones emocionalmente sanas - Aprende a no Caer o Recuperarte del Ciclo de la Codependencia y Evitar el Abuso Psicológico de las Personas Tóxicas o Narcisistas Incluye dos Libros-Abuso y Poder en una Relación y Dependencia Emocional

Cecil Castellano

Anger Management for Men Women Kids and Everyone - A Step-by-Step Guide to Control or Manage Your Anger and Master Your Emotions

Bisma Basma

How to Control Your Emotions - A Practical Guide to Overcoming Emotional Stress Defeat Depression Negative Thinking Anxiety Fear Rejection Self-Worth Negativity and Better Manage your Feelings

Bisma Basma

The Sorrows of Young Werther

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

MoodToolbox - A Story to Empower Children: Unlock the secrets to manage emotions for a calmer & happier kids (For Parents & Teachers)

Natalie Clarke

The Realisation - Quite depressing to live within society but don't be Quiet

Sithabiso Kheswa