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Children’s, Teenage & Educational / General interest / Nature, animals, the natural world

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Beavers - Radical Rodents and Ecosystem Engineers

Frances Backhouse

Cat Tales - True Stories of Fantastic Felines

Penelope Rich

Design Like Nature - Biomimicry for a Healthy Planet

Megan Clendenan, Kim Ryall Woolcock

Nature Out of Balance - How Invasive Species Are Changing the Planet

Merrie-Ellen Wilcox

Bugs and Spiders

Flying Frog

The Jagged Circle

Shelley Peterson

Return from Extinction - The Triumph of the Elephant Seal

Linda L. Richards

If a Tree Falls - The Global Impact of Deforestation

Nikki Tate

You Can Change the World - The Kids' Guide to a Better Planet

Lucy Bell

I Can Be a Dinosaur Detective

Anna Claybourne

Dinosaur Survival Guide

Clare Hibbert

1001 Gruesome Facts

Helen Otway

I Can Be a Rocket Scientist

Anna Claybourne

Amazing Animals - More than 100 of the World's Most Remarkable Creatures

Clare Hibbert

Dino Safari - Grab your gear and join the adventure!

Liz Miles

Dinosaurs: The Fact Files

Paul Harrison

Seek & Find National Parks - Crater Lake Yosemite Zion Yellowstone Banff Thousand Islands Acadia Great Smoky Mountains Virgin Islands

Jorrien Peterson

Over and Under the Rainforest

Kate Messner

DinoZone: Plant-Eating Dinosaurs

Katie Woolley

DinoZone: Meat-Eating Dinosaurs

Katie Woolley

DinoZone: The Story of the Dinosaurs

Katie Woolley

DinoZone: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Katie Woolley

Science Adventure Stories: Space Quest - Solve the Puzzles Save the World!

Alex Woolf

Dinosaurs And Their World

Paul Harrison

1001 Awesome Animal Facts

Marc Powell

1001 Unbelievable Facts

Helen Otway

Z Is for Zoo

Greg Paprocki

Seek & Find Biomes - Tundra • Alpine • Forest • Rainforest • Savanna • Grassland • Desert • Freshwater • Marine

Jorrien Peterson

Spaced Out - Space poems chosen by Brian Moses and James Carter

James Carter, Brian Moses

Bird's-Eye View - Keeping Wild Birds in Flight

Ann Eriksson