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Young Readers

Children’s, Teenage & Educational / Personal & social issues / Bullying, violence, abuse & peer pressure

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Hank the Hungry Monster

Julie Derrick

Bonjour Shanghai - Bonjour Girl

Isabelle Laflèche

You're Crushing It - Positivity for living your REAL life

Lex Croucher

Bonjour Girl

Isabelle Laflèche

The Young Adult's Guide to Stop Bullying - Understanding Bullies and Their Actions

Rebekah Sack

Help! I’ve Been Infected By A Narcissist: A Survivor’s Experience of Healing from the Abuse of Narcissists Predators and Toxic People

Jason Young

Emotions: Love Hate Fear And More

Aarav Kumar

Game Over! Ending An Abusive Relationship - How To Put An End To Abusive Relationship And Regain Your Freedom And Independence

Pierce Nick Norris

Be a Buddy Not a Bully

Lisa Driver Crummy

Autism Bullying and Me - The Really Useful Stuff You Need to Know About Coping Brilliantly with Bullying

Emily Lovegrove

Bullying addictions inattention: Introductory preview - A scolastic book

Leonardo Boscarato

We Are the Wackadoodle's - It's Nice to Be Kind

T.A. Duggan

NO GO AND TELL! - Ms Clementine's Personal Safety Lesson

Marilyn A. Pittelli

Moms of the Missing - Living the Nightmare

Steffen Hou

Something Bad Happened - A Kid's Guide to Coping With Events in the News

Dawn Huebner

Guns! Guns! Guns! - A Kid's Guide to Gun Safety

Dr. Cheryl Anderson

I Say!

N. Vanessa Vaughn-Jackson

B Is For Brotherhood

Joa Macnalie

Take the Bullying by the Horns

Hunter Dan

When the Grackles Lose Their Tails - Bully Bird

Samuel Edwin Kirkman

Am I Safe? - Exploring Fear and Anxiety with Children

Tim Huff

The Hero In The Helmet - Colin Kaepernick

Joa Macnalie

Suzy Has A Secret

M Schmidt, S. Jackson, A. Raymond

Moe and the Monster

Drehr Chidester


Meaghan McIsaac

Kindness Is Key

Alexis Bloomer

Be Bully Free - A Hands-On Guide to How You Can Take Control

Catherine Thornton, Michael Panckridge