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Knights and Bikes

Gabrielle Kent

Cinderella Is Dead

Kalynn Bayron

We Are Bound by Stars

Kesia Lupo

Fire in the Star

Kamilla Benko

The Queen's Secret

Jessica Day George

Butterfly Wishes 2: Tiger Streak's Tale

Jennifer Castle

Unicorn Princesses 1: Sunbeam's Shine

Emily Bliss

My Friend the Alien: A Bloomsbury Reader

Zanib Mian

The Call of the Rift: Crest

Jae Waller

Shock Forest and other magical stories: A Bloomsbury Reader

Margaret Mahy

Harry's House of Invention: A Bloomsbury Reader

Rachel Anderson

Sky Ship and other stories: A Bloomsbury Reader

Geraldine McCaughrean

Fierce Fearless and Free - Girls in myths and legends from around the world

Lari Don

The Thing in the Basement: A Bloomsbury Reader

Michaela Morgan

Taliesin: A Bloomsbury Reader

Maggie Pearson

Llamacorn Saves the Day

Kate Coombs

The Toot Fairy

Mark Huffman

Wishes and Wellingtons

Julie Berry

Do Not Disturb the Dragons

Michelle Robinson

The Rider's Reign

Jessica Day George

Bad Mermaids Meet the Sushi Sisters

Sibéal Pounder

The Revenge of the Invisible Giant

David O'Connell

We Are Blood and Thunder

Kesia Lupo


Sara Holland

The Llamacorn is Kind

Kate Coombs

The Lost Tide Warriors

Catherine Doyle

Princess Ponies 12: An Enchanted Heart

Chloe Ryder

The Uncomfortable Glass Slippers - The Strange Sagas of Sabrina Summers

Michele Clark McConnochie

A Heart So Fierce and Broken

Brigid Kemmerer

Power of a Princess

E.D. Baker