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George Orwell

Summary of The Giver - by Lois Lowry - Giver Quartet Book - A Comprehensive Summary

Alexander Cooper

Ragnarok: The Age of Fire and Gravel

Ignatius Donnelly


Edwin Abbott Abbott

Caesar’s Column

Ignatius Donnelly

The Invisible Force

Fred M. White, Fred Merrick White

Looking Further Backward

Arthur Dudley Vinton, Bauer Books

Four: A Divergent Collection

Veronica Roth

Age of the Undead - Kill or Be Killed

Jake Winston

Facing the Flag

Jules Verne, Bauer Books

The First Men in the Moon

H. G. Wells

Museum of Lives

Décio Coelho

Government of the Rich

I. D. Oro

2016 Presidential Election 120

I. D. Oro

Zombie Apocalypse for Kids - The Sudden Zombie Invasion (Adventure Stories for Kids)

Jeff Child

Zombie Apocalypse for Kids - Four Teenagers on a Dangerous Journey (Kids’ Adventure Stories)

Jeff Child

Story of a Superhero - The Superhero Who Stopped the Zombie Plague

Jeff Child

Diary of a Wimpy Zombie - Kids’ Stories from the Zombie Apocalypse

Jeff Child

Zombie Hunter - Diary of a Warrior in the Zombie Wars

Jeff Child

Dust 2: A New World Order - Dust the Series

S.E. Smith


J. Giambrone

Warhol Worm

I. D. Oro

Chasing Liberty - Book one in the Liberty trilogy

Theresa A Linden

Bound to Find Freedom - A short story related to the Chasing Liberty trilogy

Theresa A Linden

Return of the Nibbles - American-English Edition

Elias Zapple

The King Tingaling Painting - American-English Edition

Elias Zapple

The Anthropocene Chronicles - Part I

Emma Pullar, Saranne Bensusan, Carmen Radtke

Fillmore the Dragon

Elias Zapple

Return of the Nibbles - Duke & Michel

Elias Zapple


Liliana Marchesi