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Darkness Rising - Daughters of Light

Mary Jennifer Payne

Lost Horizon

Michael A Ford

Forgotten City

Michael A Ford

Quinn and the Quiet Quiet - Weird Stories Gone Wrong

Philippa Dowding

Mother Tongue

Patricia Forde

The Engineer of Beasts - A Novel

Scott Russell Sanders

Daughters of Light 3-Book Bundle - Darkness Rising Solomon's Ring Finding Jade

Mary Jennifer Payne

Museum of Lives

Décio Coelho

2016 Presidential Election 120

I. D. Oro

Government of the Rich

I. D. Oro


J. Giambrone

Warhol Worm

I. D. Oro

Solomon's Ring - Daughters of Light

Mary Jennifer Payne

Genesis - The sequel to the critically acclaimed Oasis

Eilis Barrett

The United Continuums - The Continuum Trilogy Book 3

Jennifer Browdy

The Capture

Tom Isbell

The Isle

Jordana Frankel

Finding Jade - Daughters of Light

Mary Jennifer Payne

Return of the Continuums - The Continuum Trilogy Book 2

Jennifer Browdy

The 13th Continuum - The Continuum Trilogy Book 1

Jennifer Browdy


Eilís Barrett


Edwin Abbott Abbott

Remnants of Thaw

Tamar Sloan, Heidi Catherine

The Prophet Wars (Volume 4): Judgment Day - The Prophet Wars #4

Thomas Emson

Beyond the glass - The Admiral Series #1

Lorena Villarreal

Rebel Betrayed - Rebel Bound #2

Shauna E Black

We Walk Through The Forest

Lisa Ferland

Caesar’s Column

Ignatius Donnelly

Peak: A YA Dystopian Space Adventure - The Crimson Dust Cycle #3

J.S. Arquin

Lockdown - The Infidel Books

Angela R. Watts