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Drone Chase

Pam Withers

Power of a Princess

E.D. Baker

Trapped in a Video Game: The Complete Series

Dustin Brady

The Queen's Secret

Jessica Day George

Tower of Dawn

Sarah J. Maas

Quest for the Golden Arrow

Carrie Jones

The Long Game - A Fixer Novel

Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Detective Dan: A Bloomsbury Reader

Vivian French

My Best Friend Is Extinct

Rebecca Wood Barrett

Fierce Fearless and Free - Girls in myths and legends from around the world

Lari Don


Josephine Greenland

Canine Heaven

Gary Woodson

The Queen's Token: A Bloomsbury Reader

Pamela Oldfield

Macbeth: A Bloomsbury Reader

Tony Bradman

Marty - If She Can't Overcome Her Fears If She Doesn’t Learn to Believe in Herself Then It'll All Be For Nothing…

E.W. Choate Jr.

The Unstoppable Letty Pegg

Iszi Lawrence

Gus the Traveler

Yvette Pais

Escape Book - Mystery Island

Stéphane Anquetil

Echoes of Newtown - A Novel

Blake Fite

Soul Riders - The Legend Awakens

Helena Dahlgren, Star Stable Entertainment AB

Escape from a Video Game - The Secret of Phantom Island

Dustin Brady

The Book of Sam

Rob Shapiro

An Unlikely Spy

Terry Deary

Underdogs - Tooth and Nail

Chris Bonnello

The Arrow of Apollo

Philip Womack

Billy Stuart in the Eye of the Cyclops

Alain M. Bergeron

Bunny Overboard

Claudia Rueda

My Brother the Duck

Pat Zietlow Miller

Escape Book - The Cursed Temple

Alain T. Puysségur

Tales of the Protectors - Almost Heaven

Lisa Pence