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Warriors: The Broken Code #2: The Silent Thaw

Erin Hunter

The Collectors #2: A Storm of Wishes

Jacqueline West

Warriors: Path of a Warrior

Erin Hunter

Soul Riders - The Legend Awakens

Helena Dahlgren, Star Stable Entertainment AB

Warriors Super Edition: Squirrelflight's Hope

Erin Hunter

Warriors: A Vision of Shadows #4: Darkest Night

Erin Hunter

Scout: Storm Dog

Jennifer Li Shotz

Wild Rescuers: Escape to the Mesa


Warriors: The Broken Code #1: Lost Stars

Erin Hunter

Tales of an 8-Bit Kitten: A Call to Arms (Book 2) - An Unofficial Minecraft Adventure

Kid Cube

Survivors: The Gathering Darkness #6: The Final Battle

Erin Hunter

Warriors: A Vision of Shadows #5: River of Fire

Erin Hunter

Masterminds: Criminal Destiny

Gordon Korman

Bravelands #3: Blood and Bone

Erin Hunter

Warriors Super Edition: Crowfeather's Trial

Erin Hunter

Some Places More Than Others

Renée Watson

The Big Game

Tim Green

Masterminds: Payback

Gordon Korman

Survivors: The Gathering Darkness #5: The Exile's Journey

Erin Hunter

Endling #1: The Last

Katherine Applegate

2016 Presidential Election 120

I. D. Oro

Truly Deadly

Rob Aspinall

The Unicorn Quest

Kamilla Benko

The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle

Leslie Connor

More Than a Princess

E.D. Baker

Only the Ocean

Natasha Carthew

The Daybreak Bond

Megan Frazer Blakemore

Warriors Super Edition: Tigerheart's Shadow

Erin Hunter

Ozy and Millie

Dana Simpson

Bravelands #1: Broken Pride

Erin Hunter