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Darkness Rising - Daughters of Light

Mary Jennifer Payne

2016 Presidential Election 120

I. D. Oro

Lost Horizon

Michael A Ford

Forgotten City

Michael A Ford

Quinn and the Quiet Quiet - Weird Stories Gone Wrong

Philippa Dowding

Mother Tongue

Patricia Forde

The Engineer of Beasts - A Novel

Scott Russell Sanders

Daughters of Light 3-Book Bundle - Darkness Rising Solomon's Ring Finding Jade

Mary Jennifer Payne

Museum of Lives

Décio Coelho

Government of the Rich

I. D. Oro


J. Giambrone

Warhol Worm

I. D. Oro

Solomon's Ring - Daughters of Light

Mary Jennifer Payne

Genesis - The sequel to the critically acclaimed Oasis

Eilis Barrett

The United Continuums - The Continuum Trilogy Book 3

Jennifer Browdy

The Isle

Jordana Frankel

The Capture

Tom Isbell

Finding Jade - Daughters of Light

Mary Jennifer Payne

Return of the Continuums - The Continuum Trilogy Book 2

Jennifer Browdy

The 13th Continuum - The Continuum Trilogy Book 1

Jennifer Browdy


Eilís Barrett


Edwin Abbott Abbott

Remnants of Thaw

Tamar Sloan, Heidi Catherine

The Prophet Wars (Volume 4): Judgment Day - The Prophet Wars #4

Thomas Emson

Beyond the glass - The Admiral Series #1

Lorena Villarreal

Rebel Betrayed - Rebel Bound #2

Shauna E Black

We Walk Through The Forest

Lisa Ferland

Caesar’s Column

Ignatius Donnelly

Peak: A YA Dystopian Space Adventure - The Crimson Dust Cycle #3

J.S. Arquin

Lockdown - The Infidel Books

Angela R. Watts