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Magic Apple - And His Mighty Friends

Thejendra Sreenivas

Whitney Wallace - Whitney Learns a Lesson Books 1 2 & 3

Susan G. Charles

Hee-Haw! Wonkey-Donkeys!!

M. Juliet

Oh Pinky!

Granny Ann

1001 Kid's Jokes

Kay Barnham

Karen's Riddles For Kids - Trick Questions And Fun Facts For The Young Ones

Karen J. Bun

Delphi Collected Works of Stephen Leacock (Illustrated)

Stephen Leacock

Funny Knock Knock Jokes

Prof John Graham

Animal Jokes

Joe King

Get Rich Vlogging - Zoella Did It Alfie Did It Now You Can Do It

Zoe Griffin

Brain Teasers

Raghav Arora

Embarrassing Period Stories: Twenty Totally Awkward Tales of Preteens and Periods

Foxglove Lee

Some experiences of an Irish RM

Martin Ross, E. Somerville

Humourous middles

R.K. Murthi

Bathroom Poetry - Here I Sit Broken Hearted

T.A. Dieringer

Answer Please

Karen Lin, Kristine Lin

Meet Tickle the Tastebuddy! - A Fun Food Journey for Parents and Kids

Shanthini Rajkumar

The Tadpole and the Caterpillar

Gary Edison Edwards

In the Fall

Amira Leggett

Hey Little Bird - Verses for Children

Ramona Demery

Quick Bites for Spare Moments

R.K. Murthi

Medical Jokes & Humour

Clifford Sawhney

Is This Really My Life - Volume 1

Mark Ortiz

War of the Words - The True but Strange Story of the Gulf Breeze Ufo

Craig R. Myers