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Colleen Nelson

Dear Bully: Seventy Authors Tell Their Stories

Carrie Jones, Megan Kelley Hall

Bad Boy - A Memoir

Walter Dean Myers

The Girl Who Could Rock the Moon - An Inspirational Tale about Mary G Ross and the Magic of STEM

Maya Cointreau

Where's the Koala? - An Outback Adventure

Natalie Clarke

The 12 Apostles of Russian Law - Lawyers who changed law state and society

Pavel Krasheninnikov

The Girl Who Could Write and Unite - An Inspirational Tale About Gwendolyn Brooks

Maya Cointreau

The Story of the Eighteenth Amendment and Prohibition 100 Years Later

Yvonne Bertovich

The Story of Nelson Mandela 100 Years After His Birth

Myra Faye Turner

Eskimo Twins - "A Twins Story"

Lucy F. Perkins

The Story of Martin Luther King Jr's Assassination 50 Years Later

Myra Turner

"Abe" Lincoln's anecdotes and stories - A collection of the best stories told by Lincoln which made him famous as America's best story teller

R. D. Wordsworth

Algonquin Sunset - An Algonquin Quest Novel

Rick Revelle

So You Want to… Join the US Peace Corps - Here’s the Info You Need

Luke Fegenbush

IraqiGirl: Diary of a Teenage Girl in Iraq


This May Sound Crazy

Abigail Breslin

The Courage to Compete - Living with Cerebral Palsy and Following My Dreams

Elizabeth Kaye, Abbey Curran

The Girl Who Could Heal Your Heart - An Inspirational Tale About Kahuna Morrnah Simeona and Ho'oponopono

Maya Cointreau

BJ Bayle's Historical Fiction 4-Book Bundle - Red River Crossing Shadow Riders Battle Cry at Batoche Perilous Passage

B.J. Bayle

Positive - A Memoir

Ali Benjamin, Paige Rawl, Jay Asher

The Residence by Kate Andersen Brower | A Review - Inside the Private World of the White House

Books Eureka

In Search of Sam

Kristin Butcher

The Merit Birds

Kelley Powell

Canadian Heroines 2-Book Bundle - 100 Canadian Heroines 100 More Canadian Heroines

Merna Forster

The Chinese Community in Toronto - Then and Now

Arlene Chan

Kids Around the World

The Washington Post

Funky From Now On


100 More Canadian Heroines - Famous and Forgotten Faces

Merna Forster

Time You Let Me In - 25 Poets under 25

Naomi Shihab Nye

Ana's Story - A Journey of Hope

Jenna Bush Hager