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Hidden in History: The Untold Stories of Women During World War I and World War II

Rachel Basinger

Relation of Virginia - A Boy's Memoir of Life with the Powhatans and the Patawomecks

Henry Spelman

The Story of Alabama Becoming a State 200 Years Later

Myra Faye Turner

Baseball Joe of the Silver Stars - The Rivals of Riverside

Lester Chadwick

The Story of Karl Marx 200 Years After His Birth

Rachel Basinger

The Perfect Storm - The True Story of Saving Jamestown and the Founding of Bermuda

Autumn Sears Fesperman

The Untold Stories of Female Revolutionaries and Activists

Danielle Lieneman

The Story of Apollo 11 and the Men on the Moon 50 Years Later

Myra Faye Turner

The Story of the Grand Canyon's Establishment 100 Years Later

Hannah Litwiller

The Story Of Queen Victoria 200 Years After Her Birth

Danielle Thorne

The Story of Mahatama Gandhi's Assassination 70 Years Later

Jessica Gray

The Story of the Eighteenth Amendment and Prohibition 100 Years Later

Yvonne Bertovich

Ramadan - The Holy Month of Fasting

Ausma Zehanat Khan

Stories From Livy

Alfred J. Church

Stories of the East From Herodotus

Alfred J. Church

Stories in Stone from the Roman Forum

Isabel Lovell

The Story of Leonardo Da Vinci 500 Years After His Death

Antone Pierucci

The Story of Nelson Mandela 100 Years After His Birth

Myra Faye Turner

This Bridge Will Not Be Gray

Dave Eggers

Rocking the System - Fearless and Amazing Irish Women who Made History

Siobhán Parkinson

Warrior Heroes: The Pharaoh's Charioteer

Benjamin Hulme-Cross

The Story of Martin Luther King Jr's Assassination 50 Years Later

Myra Turner

Chronologica - The Incredible Years That Defined History

Bloomsbury Bloomsbury Publishing

The Story of the Crusades (Serapis Classics)

Edith Wilmot-Buxtun

Maya Lin - Thinking with Her Hands

Susan Goldman Rubin

Her Right Foot

Dave Eggers

The Nantucket Sea Monster - A Fake News Story

Darcy Pattison

It's Not About You Mrs Firecracker - A Love Letter About the True Meaning of the Fourth of July

Soraya Diase Coffelt

Frontline General: Douglas MacArthur - America's Most Controversial Hero

Jules Archer

People that Changed the Course of History - The Story of Frank Lloyd Wright 150 Years After His Birth

Hannah Sandoval