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I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Last Defense

Pittacus Lore


Sophie Jordan

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Fugitive

Pittacus Lore


Lauren Oliver


Lee French

The StarSeeds

Tricia Kelly



Mia Marcotte and the Robot

Jeanne Wald

Museum of Lives

Décio Coelho

Perfect Image - The Clone Series

Trish Moran

Billy Stuart in the Minotaur's Lair

Alain M. Bergeron

Death by Airship

Arthur Slade

Pirates Way

Connie Simon

PROPHET - Ghost In The Machine

Markus Rehbach

Billy Stuart and the Zintrepids

Alain M. Bergeron

T Rex Time Machine

Jared Chapman

Trapped in a Video Game (Book 3) - Robots Revolt

Dustin Brady

Wonky - A Robotics Club Story

Darcy Pattison

Ways of the Doomed - Book One

Moira McPartlin

Wants of the Silent - Book Two

Moira McPartlin

Bumpfizzle the Best on Planet Earth

Patricia Forde

Trapped in a Video Game (Book 2) - The Invisible Invasion

Dustin Brady

Terra Nova

Shane Arbuthnott

Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe - [Next Stories of Robinson Crusoe]

Daniel Defoe


I. D. Oro

Little Elisa - In Wonderland

Murat Ukray

Skavenger's Hunt

Mike Rich

The Science Fiction Omnibus #2 (Serapis Classics)

Frank Herbert, Murray Leinster, H. Beam Piper, Mark Clifton, Mack Reynolds, Milton Lesser, C. M. Kornbluth, Fritz Leiber, Frank Banta, Jerome Bixby, Francis Stevens, Robert Abernathy, Alex Apostolides, Russell Burton, James Schmitz, Sterner Meek, Raymond Jones, Walter Bupp, Allan Danzig, Stephen Barr, Arthur Feldman, Bradner Buckner

A Slave is a Slave

H. Beam Piper, F. L. Wallace, Walter Miller, Mark Ganes

Genesis - The sequel to the critically acclaimed Oasis

Eilis Barrett